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  1. I managed to buy the Luxman 590 from my friend at a great price. Excited to see it, the Luxman and the speakers are all arriving this Thursday.
  2. Interesting that you guys mention Primaluna and Luxman, those are the two I have been looking into. I have a line on a 1 year old Luxman L-590axii at a great price from a friend. We shall see if he decides to part with it or not. I know it’s solid state but it is class A and known to sound fantastic with Klipsch.
  3. Thanks for all the input guys. I have done a ton of research on these speakers and well ………… I ordered a pair of walnut Forte iv for my living room and a pair of walnut Cornwall iv for another audio room I’m going to setup. I have an empty room that is just storage for equipment boxes, it will now be a second dedicated audio room for a tube based and Cornwall system. Paducah Home Theater had both in stock and should arrive by the end of next week. Really looking forward to hearing these. Now which integrated tube amp would you guys recommend with the Cornwall???
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I’m leaning more towards the Cornwall IV.
  5. I’m new to the forum, please forgive me if this topic has already been discussed. I’m a long time audiophile and I blame that on my friend Johnny and his 1979 pair of Klipsch Belle. I had an all Yamaha system when he invited me to hear his new Yamaha powered Klipsch Belle speaker system. Let’s just say I was shocked at the difference I heard and I’ve been on the search for better sound ever since. Today I have a dedicated room with some very nice high end gear but nothing in my living room and hence the reason for this post. Recently a gentleman offered to give me his, perfect condition, 1979 McIntosh MA6100 integrated and his B&O Beogram 4002 linear tracking turntable, both in great condition. He said if I didn’t want them he was going to toss them into the dumpster!!! I nearly fainted when he said that. The problem is he wasn’t willing to part with his 1979 pair of Cornwalls. So that’s why I’m looking at Cornwall iv’s or Forte iv’s. I actually like the size of the Forte and the price and really no chance to hear either one. Any input on this would be highly appreciated, especially those that have had listing time with both. Oh and this system will be used mostly as background music. Thanks
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