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  1. Same gentleman who sold me the rosewood La Scalas has a pair of Klipschorns that are also rosewood - but he’s keeping those. Thanks Bob
  2. I believe that the rosewood veneer is done extremely well. I don't think the previous owner is the father and son team you are thinking of. I think the previous owner - his first name is Ace - only veneered speakers for himself. Thanks, Bob
  3. I found these 1976 La Scalas on Houston Craigslist. Second owner has had them since 1982. A couple of years ago he had the "AA" crossovers serviced and slightly modified, but the drivers are original. He also veneered them in rosewood and added casters. The rosewood veneer seems to be polarizing - people either love it or hate it. The casters may reduce bass coupling slightly, although not that I have noticed (I ran Cornwalls before, and the La Scalas seem to have as much bass, except for one or two pieces I occasionally listen to). The coasters could easily be removed, but I haven't decided about that yet. I'd be interested in informed opinions about what these speakers are worth. Thanks Bob
  4. Sequential numbers. These Cornwalls are functionally original - no work has been done on crossovers or drivers - and they work perfectly. Awesome bass! Walnut, nicely refinished by previous owner. Too large and heavy to ship - local pickup. Hooked up to very nice Denon two channel receiver and can audition. BONUS - very nice two channel Denon receiver (DRA-CX3). If you don’t want the bonus that’s fine, but the price is still the same. Have more photos, but dealing with 2 MB limit. Reduced to $1,500 Update: Uploaded more photos.
  5. I recently saw a very positive and very informative review of the Heresy IV. The review noted that, while the nominal impedance of that speaker is 8 ohms, they used advanced instruments to test the actual impedance at multiple frequencies and over all frequencies, and the actual impedance was closer to 4 Ohms than it was to 8 Ohms (according to the article). I ask because I recently acquired a McIntosh amp (an MC-2120) with four sets of output terminals, for 2, 4, 8 or 16 Ohm impedance speakers, and if my Cornwall Is are actually closer to 4 Ohm impedance, the amp may respond with more dynamic output or lower distortion on the 4 Ohm terminals. Thanks Bob
  6. Unless the thread title has been changed to SOLD, the Heresies are still for sale. Note: I’m willing to throw in the R28-Fs, but I can’t transport all four speakers at once - my car isn’t large enough! For the R28-F bonus, you’d have to come to Houston.
  7. I took the covers off for cleaning, which brought up a couple more questions; The Cornwall I’s seem to be made from plywood rather than MDF. As a sometime carpenter, I actually prefer plywood. All later Heritage series are MDF, right? Why did they switch from plywood to MDF? How are woofers measured? I believe the Cornwalls are supposed to have 15” woofers. The opening in the motor board measures 13 1/4”. Thanks Bob
  8. Very good to excellent condition, sequential serial numbers, have original receipt, manuals and boxes. Selling because upgraded to Cornwalls. Would prefer local pick or delivery, would consider meeting anywhere in SE Texas or W Louisiana. However, if you want to pay for shipping, so be it. I’ll have to add photos one by one with the 2 MB limit. As an incentive, I'll include a excellent condition pair of R28-F floor-standing speakers. I think of those as home theater speakers, but I will also be replacing those as part of my room reconfiguration. I have the receipt and manuals for the R-28Fs, but no boxes, so not interested in shipping them. Reducing to $1,000. Thanks Bob
  9. @billybob, Thank you! I realize how lucky I was to find those in very good condition, a half hour from my home! Now that I have such nice speakers though, I may have to review the rest of my system to ensure it's worthy of the speakers! I listen to CDs (a few of which are HDCDs, Super Audio CDs, or DVD-Audio), but I also listen to music through my iPhone, currently through Spotify. Experimented today with setting Audio Quality at very high in Spotify, vs. ripping a CD to WAV and listening to the WAV with Vox - the WAV was definitely better, but perhaps a topic for a different forum. Thanks Bob
  10. @billybob, you're estimating the value of my 2010 Heresy III's at $800-1200? Each or per pair? Thanks Bob
  11. So today, this happened: 1975 Cornwall I's, Walnut, sequential numbers, refinished by the second owner. I know that probably reduces the value, although they did a very good job with the refinishing. First owner was a now-elderly couple who probably never played the Cornwall's anywhere near their SPL potential. Was surprised to see the screw terminals rather than binding posts. They sound amazing! All the qualities that I love about my Heresy IIIs, but even more so! The Heresy III's (purchased new in 2010 from a high end audio store in Houston) will now be for sale - a topic for another thread. From the sound, I would say they are in perfect condition functionally ... but are there any common issues that these may have? I'm driving them with a Denon "audiophile series" two-channel receiver in my living room. Placement is far from ideal at the moment - I'm planning to build a floating shelf, with TV and home theater on the shelf and music-only system below. The floating shelf idea is best left for another thread. Same with the eventual integrated or preamp/amplifier upgrade I'd like to do eventually. Thanks in advance for any input. Bob
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