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  1. Unfortunately I'm on a very tight budget so under $300. I'm looking to power Heresy/H-700's and leaning towards tubes. I remember when I was younger and in a band the sound from the tube amps was so much warmer with more soul. But I am just getting started so willing to take advice.
  2. What are your thoughts on a 12 channel amplifier? I found one by Pyle Pro PT12050CH 12 channel amplifier. In all discloser I do not know very much or have much experience with Home Audio amplifiers so its mostly new to me. I was in a band and used various types of amps in that context. I realize because of my budget limits I don't have a lot of options but I need to start somewhere. my home theater does not have Dolby Atmos but does have DTS-true HD /master audio and Dolby true HD its an older Yamaha RX-v663 I also have an Onkyo TX-NR609 but having isues with the Onkyo (no sound) I am interested in building a DIY amplifier but need to know which components I should get.
  3. Hi I'm new to this forum, any forum actually but very glad I joined. I'm very interested in building a DIY amplifier for my system maybe 2 amps 1 for 7.2 home theater and the other for my Heresy's to listen in hi fi stereo. Any suggestions, pointers, advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. I am on a very low budget so can't spend very much $ but have lots of enthusiasm.
  4. Not sure what type of amplifier I should get either. I'm thinking something that would power my home theater 7 channels plus presence speakers and maybe something to use for just hi fi stereo. any thoughts and/or opinions welcome.
  5. In response to the question what is affordable... around $50 to $275 range thinking used maybe. Not sure how much I would need it but would like to try out a tube amp, maybe build it myself for fun.
  6. So I recently accquired a pair of ??? supposedly H-700/Heresy speakers with type c crossovers all the parts a correct but the cabs have the horns and tweeters vertical. I can't find a label but part of is seems right but also seems all wrong. I plan on doing a re-cap on the crossovers and go from there. I really want to get them to sound the way a Heresy/H-700 should. Thinking of making new cabinets for them to get them up to specs. The cabs seem like they were modified with a different motor board speaker size is H- 24 3/4" w- 15" D 11 3/4" with 3/4" wood. Rear panel is removable like it should be.
  7. sorry you're correct k 77 m. Will try to post more pic's soon. If anyone can send me actual sizes for cabinets inside and outside dimensions I would really appreciate it, also if possible include placements on motor board.........Thamk you
  8. Up till now my RX-v663 runs (2) F-30's, (2) R-41's, (2) B-20's a center channel speaker ??? and (2) SS-5BK's as presence speakers and now I've been running 2 Heresy-ish type sprakers as well. i do thik it is time fo an amplifier though. or two.
  9. hi, I'm new to forum but yes it should run at 6ohms or 8 ohms, you will need to set that in your speaker settings when setting up your receiver. U can use the YPAO mic and it will do most of the work for you. I have the RX-v663 and like it for the most part.
  10. This is the first Forum I have ever joined and I'm glad I did. I am in need of an amplifier for my home theater but am on a very tight budget ( system listed in my profile) I also received a pair of Heresy-ish speakers that would use for zone B speakers for Hi-Fi listening that would need an amp for as well. Any advice, suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  11. Yes I have listened to them and played around with placement a little (kinda short on room) they definitely sound better lower to the ground and at higher volume (more power) still not what I expect they should sound like. I opened up the other on and found K-22-R with a red circle with H or M or N in center, K-77-m stamped with R on it and K-55-v also with type c crossover. It appears both speakers have a driver with the letter R stamped on them. R= Replacement? the K-55-m looks newer with square magnet. numbers stamped on the K-55-V's are 11959 and 11974, are these serial numbers? the k-22 r's are 8591 it is the one with a red circle and dot orletter not sure the other one is 10205 with letter R bellow k77 m has # 1054C stamped on it the other one has the letter R bellow the # 716594. are these numbers all serial numbers? I definitely want to use these speakers and therefor work on them as I can, I have a very limited budget at the moment.
  12. Everything together registered at 7.5 ohms. Going to play around with placement though kinda limited.
  13. I still have to open the other one which seems to be in better shape
  14. Yes I have listed to them and they sound a little muddy. X-over update needed. The k-22-r reads 15.9 ohms k-55-v 10.6 k77 7.5 with type c crossover
  15. I was told 2nd hand they were in fact Heresy speakers though I believe it's original parts put in DIY cabinets. I would like to get them back to actual or better specs . Any suggestions, guidance or direction would be helpful. Kinda thinking rebuild the cabinets along with advice to anything to improve what I have. A Frankenspeaker.
  16. I recently received a pair of "vintage" Klipsch Heresy speakers but they don't seem right. They have vertical horns and tweeters. I haven't seen any others like that. They have k-22r woofers with the expected k55 and k77's the horn is the 700 not the 1000 with type "C" crossovers. Dimensions are 24 3/4 in high, 15 in wide and 12in deep. Can anyone tell me anything about them? I've been a Klipsch fan for years and had shivers when I got them but not quite meeting my expectations. Any advice or suggestions as to what I can do with them to get better sound wiuld be much appreciated
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