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  1. I recently got the Cinema 1200 sound bar and have been playing with it for the past 2 days and I can't seem to find a good balance and am beginning to think the system I got is faulty. I am curious if any one else is experiencing the same thing issues. First off all, its volume seem very low. I am usually hovering around the 45-55 volume level to get full sound in a 20x16 room. With my older sound bar, the volume usually sits around 20-25 max. Is 45 the expected volume level on average? Second, the dialogue is very low even at the 45 volume level. I've played with the Dialogue enhancement feature, but noticed that past "Dialogue 2", it begins to sound terrible. Other than those two issues/concerns, the surround sound quality overall is amazing. I am just not confident with how high the volume level needs to be and am shocked with how disappointing the quality of the dialogue is out of the box (and even with the Dialogue enhancement feature). Even my old Samsung sound bar (HW-E450) had clearer dialogue and better balance with the background sounds by itself. If anyone has gone through similar low volume and dialogue issues on their Cinema 1200 or have any recommendations for me to get the best out of this system, please share. I'd appreciate it.
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