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  1. Thanks for all the replies @dtr20 and @billybob Do you think it'd be weird to use my Kv2 as a rear speaker?
  2. I'm in Austin, TX. Can I buy "any" microphone (of course I'd get a good quality one) or should I go only for a Klipsch one?
  3. Thanks for your answer. The issue is that the voice coming out of the KG2.5 (when set up as 2.0) sounds so much better than the voice coming out of the Kv2. I have a Denon AVR-S500BT. It does have a microphone calibration feature, though I bought it second hand without the microphone. I'd be happy to purchase the microphone separately if it makes that much of a difference! Also what are your thoughts on not getting a subwoofer at all if all my speakers are KG2.5?
  4. Disclaimer: I'm a complete beginner A friend of mine (an awesome friend) gave me his two KG2.5 speakers. I immediately set them up on my media room as a 2.0 system, with the intention of buying a center channel and rear speakers in the future. My thinking was to get another KG2.5 for the center speaker and maybe two KG1.2 or KG1.5 for the rear. However, I found a very reasonably priced used Kv2 and bought it as my center channel speaker. The end result.... well, I think the movies and shows sound worse than before, especially because KG 2.5 speakers are way more robust than the Kv2. A few questions... Do you agree that a KG2.5 would be better than a Kv2 for the center channel? (of course I understand that it's best to match and have all speakers from the same model) Would it be crazy to buy another Kv2 and have 2 Kv2 speakers in the rear, and then buy a KG 2.5 for the center? Is there anything specific to the Kv2 that makes it a center channel speaker? Do I really need a subwoofer if I have 3 KG2.5 speakers in the front? Thanks in advance for your answers
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