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  1. Finally pulled the trigger on a pair of Forte IV’s and am powering them with a Vincent 237MK Hybrid Amp. I relegated the Tannoy Revolution XTF8’s the the bedroom stereo system and am stoked as they are great speakers in their own right. My initial impressions are WOW! The scale, punch and “live music” feel are all there. To my ears there is nothing missing as the bass is deep and tight, mids are clear and unmuddled and the highs are clean and defined. Have about 80 hours on them and always questioned the “break in period” notion although it makes sense on some level. These speakers absolutely rock but have handled everything (jazz, metal, blues) I have thrown at them. And for me there are definitely sonic improvements over the Forte 3’s, which I almost purchased. Interested in the thoughts of other Forte 4 owners.
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