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  1. I know this thread is almost a year old, but I can comment on some similar setups: I have Klipsch Quartets paired with the following amps. Note, the sound descriptions are based on running direct with no eq: Emotiva TA-1: Lacks mid/low end clarity, highs sound good Topping EX5/Cambridge Audio AXA35: flat across the board, and one of my favorite pairings with the quartets for any genre of music. Topping EX5/SMSL DA-9: Most accurate across the board, specifically in the lower frequency range. Not as fun as the AXA35, but for serious technical listening, this is my choice Topping EX5/Reisong A12 12watt tube amp: most dynamic upper mid range, not the most accurate low end, but a good pairing. In summary, Emotiva TA-1 is my least favorite integrated amp on the list above, and I'd assume the TA-100 sounds similar, but YMMV depending on what speakers your pair it with. I've also paired the setups above with Klipsch SF-1 and SF-3 speakers. The SF-3's have more low end out of the box, but being 2-way speakers, they don't have the mid/high end clarity. I'm not an audio engineer or audiophile by any means, but I've got 3 decades of producing, playing, and listening to music on mid-high end setups. Hope this helps!
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