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  1. Hello everyone, so I am just starting to get into home theater related gear, but I should describe my set up, okay, so at the present time, I have 2 rf-7 iii’s, 1 rc-64 iii, and then 1 or 2 504 surrounds, and then 2 Klipsch rp-600m bookshelf’s, that will be apart of a home theater, I am putting together in my basement. I should also add that I have 7 Klipsch cdt-5800 c II, in ceiling speakers, to cover the height effects… for Atmos and auro-3d/a vog channel above my head for gaming, and any movie that supports auro 3d… but I am looking for a good receiver to power all of those speakers, in one box, where I am also hoping to just plug in each 3.5 mm cable into the back of the receiver, and have the receiver drive all of those speakers… now I do have the possibility of using 2 amps, as well, if I want to throw more amps to part of the set up. Where I also want to mention I will need this avr to be fully hdmi 2.1 (gaming vrr, allm, 4K 120hz) on about 2-3 ports…which if I don’t have that many ports I can deal with that, by just manually changing cords in my avr…. But what I want to really get an answer to is will the Denon x8500ha be able to output enough power without addition amplifiers, to power all of my speakers, for an Atmos movie. If it’s not can anyone recommend a different receiver to look into/a solution for powering that many speakers, that I do not want to give too much juice to do to speak, but enough to fill a room, with sound, and properly placed Atmos effects…
  2. Hmm okay, interesting, I will have to think about that, but I think I will stick with what I have, which is the cdt-5800… unless I end up majorly not liking them…
  3. Hello, I was just wanted to get your opinion, on which way I should go. So I am building my first home theater, and I am looking at buying cdt-5800 in ceiling speakers, or the pro-180, in ceiling speakers. These will be paired up with 1 RC-64 iii, and 2 RF-7 iii’s with rp-600m, for bookshelf’s, and the rp-502s for surrounds. Right now I have 2 of each of those or 4 speakers, but I will probably make the decision to only use either 2, or 3 sets of those speakers… but I am not sure yet. I will have to wait to get the room set up, before I make my final decision. Which will take some time… but my plan is to put a full 6 Atmos in ceiling speakers, with 1 voice of god, for future proofing the system for auro-3D and other sound formats like that. So I am just, trying to figure out which path makes the most sense… I also want to say, we have got 7 5800’s right now, but I am willing to return those, if enough people think the pro-180’s are worth the cost… to go along with the rf line of speakers.
  4. Hello everyone, I am starting to create a home theater, and I just wanted to see what opinions were like for my current plan. So I have gone out, and bought an rc-64 iii, and we also have 2 sets of bookshelf’s from-600m, and 2 sets of the 502s surrounds, as well as 7 5800 in ceiling speakers, I am planning on buying 2 RC-64 III’s for the front right and left within the next week or so, depending on responses here, as well as my own mind, that is if you all would agree, that that makes the most sense. But what I am curious about is their any big difference between the Klipsch cst-5800 in ceiling speakers, and the pro-180 speakers. For the pro’s look to be about double the cost, with the same size driver and I am just not sure what makes the pro’s worth about double the cost, so I just wanted to ask that here. These speakers will just be for the height effects in movies, since I will have a whole set of about 7-9 at ear level speakers… I also should ask, but does anyone think I should just use book shelf speakers for my front right and left speakers, as opposed to the tower speakers, I am planning on buying.
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