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  1. Hi i got my cinema 1200 few months ago. We have been loving this thing. Its better then anything we ever had. But this morning my wife put on cartoons for the kids and the back left was making a scratching nosie out of no where. I got home from work and she showed me it was not turned up loud and i can hear it across the house. only some sounds trigger the scratch. I have been freaking out for hours trying to figure this out with no help. I did every possible reset factory the bar. Unplug wait swap left to right all the stuff i could find. I spent allot of this and its barley 2 months old and took forever to get here. Its got both the latest firmware updates mcu and dps. If anyone has any idea of what i can do please help. Im so sad right now lol
  2. So had this system a few months now and randomly today the rare left started to make cracking sounds randomly then it just got worse almost like hissing sound. It’s got both the latest firmware updates and haven’t had any other issues with the system. Anything else I can try before putting a support ticket in?
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