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  1. Thanks to everybody for their time...Always the place for answers.
  2. Can anyone recommend a speaker stand for a RB-81 bookshelf speaker? Thanks.
  3. I recently acquired a pair of Heresy II's. They are in rough shape. Only one speaker has a label. They look like the Wicked Witch of the West, but sound like Christy Brinkley. Can someone decipher the label ? I am fairly new to all of this (plug and play guy) . My wife says I'm having to much fun wasting money.
  4. Please contact me regarding shipping arrangements, if you have 2 available. 6782298421
  5. What is the weight of each speaker? Dimensions? Thanks for the time
  6. What town are you in? Zip? I am just north of Atlanta. ( I try my best to STAY north of Atlanta)
  7. Is shipping an option at all? Seriously interested in all 3. Thanks
  8. How much for the 3 ? What have you done to the other two? Thanks
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