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  1. I've been listening for several days now. I think this might be the case. I've actually never really maxed out an amp, so I wasn't sure what it sounded like, but this must be the issue. The speakers seem completely fine. I do believe one side of the track has heavier bass than the other, but I don't currently know how to measure that. I appreciate everyone's help here. I was losing my mind.
  2. The track, for some reason, seems exceptionally hard to reproduce faithfully on any of my highly resolving systems (headphone setupts, secondary setup), but all of my other systems handle it a bit better than my main. I have a feeling the track really pushes the 20 watts I am sending to the heresy's with all of that bass, it's just odd that other bass heavy tracks don't do the same thing. I am at the point that I am going to blame the recording, but that does feel like a bit of a copout. After a few days of listening, I CAN get the Heresies to distort at incredibly loud volumes, so I'm wondering if that track is just maxing them out at a much much lower level? I will try to plug in other speakers with the amp tonight, but I believe I only have one set of speakers around that the 20 watts can drive effectively. I do have tube amps, so thank you for the heads up on sending only the high input signal to the speakers. I have switched the speakers around, the distortion remains on the same channel, so I don't believe it's an issue with the speakers exactly. I have swapped line out from the pre amp, and the distortion will follow whichever channel is the right channel in that track. I cranked the track even louder, and both speakers distort, which again leads me to believe it's the track itself. Both pre amp channels and tubes are fine, the tubes in the mono blocks are fine, the output cables have been switched from the dac, so the dac is fine, and like I said the speakers distort on this album whether it's vinyl or digital. I am able to essentially eliminate the distortion but lowering the bass a bit on the equalizer that I have in my analog chain. So essentially I'm left with two considerations: 1. Something in the speakers is resonating an causing distortion, or 2. I'm simply "maxing out" the speakers, and for some reason on this track it happens at a really low volume. I'm leaning on #2 if only because I was able to get the speakers to do the same thing on tracks like Massive Attack's "Angel" last night, but only at blistering db levels. I can essentially mimic the problem with most bass heavy tracks, but the problem doesn't present itself until I'm at a highly uncomfortable db level. It's certainly possible I'm chasing a problem that isn't really a problem. Last night I had a friend tell me, "don't blow out your speakers trying to figure out if your speakers are blown," and I think at this point the best option is just to keep listening at manageable levels to various genres and see if the problem ever presents itself at listenable levels. I have no idea why this album is such a problem even compared to other tracks with really heavy bass, regardless of input source / type.
  3. Also, thank you for brainstorming with me. It helps a lot to think through these problems with other people. 😅
  4. I should probably get another clip of it. That's a clip I sent to one of my more audio knowledgeable friends. It happens mainly in the first 20ish seconds of that clip and then again in the last two. Almost sounds like something is clipping. I should probably try to play the track via another line level source into the amp. I guess because I could get the same distortion via LP (with boosted bass) I assumed I could get it with any source, but it's worth a shot. I should also say that when I adjust my roon EQ to lower the 50-80z range just 2-3 db, the track doesn't distort. If its the case that I'm maxing out the speaker somehow (I've never really tried to max it out) then with this track it's happening at low db levels (just fill up the room type sound). I've been listening to other music all night without any distortion. I figured if I was maxing out the bass on the speaker I would hear distortion via the woofer, not the tweeter. Either way you are right, there's an asston of bass on that song - it seems that producer sort of overblows the bass intentionally. I think my concerns here might sound particularly crazy. A normal listener would probably say "whelp my speakers can't handle that album" or something. In my mind the album is simply presenting a problem that need to be solved, but maybe I should just write it off. I will try running the youtube through airplay to try the track. (Just played the track via youtube at high levels with much LESS distortion, just a little. Maybe the decreased dynamic range helps out a bit? Maybe I'm going insane and I really am just maxing out the speakers somehow.) I just checked the roon auto levelling function which was off. I'll turn it to auto now.
  5. I've ran several frequency sweeps and test tones through the speakers (yesterday). I can't get the distortion to occur at any particular frequency, only at that combination of frequencies (bass at whatever frequency the track is at + higher frequencies) no single frequency or frequency range causes distortion, it seems to be a combination of multiple frequencies. I hope that makes sense.
  6. Yes, the distortion is at least very minimal at lower volumes on this album. I found that the same recording would distort via lp format if bass was boosted or driven to extremely loud levels, but not at a normal listening volume. I could cause distortion with the LP version if I boosted my bass via the equalizer in the analog chain, but that's not something I would typically do.
  7. I thought the same thing. I just posted a link to a video. The distortion is certainly coming from the mid driver and the tweeter though. I did put my ear up close to them to test as I was losing my mind yesterday.
  8. not sure if this is allowed, but here's a short clip of the distortion
  9. I actually CAN get distortion on my vinyl copy IF I crank the bass on my EQ (not something I'm ever likely to do). Can't really get any other copy to distort. I've listened to the album in a lot of different formats and I know the distortion that I'm experiencing isn't ingrained in the album. It almost sounds like a blown tweeter / mid driver when it happens, but I don't think that's the case. I wasted a day losing my mind over this issue. Perhaps I should just give it up, but I thought people more knowledgeable than I might have had similar experiences to draw on.
  10. Hello everyone, I noticed that when listening to one particular album (Oklou's Galore) via my DAC, I'm getting heavy distortion in the mid driver and tweeter when there's a loud bass note in the song. For instance, on "Unearth Me," when there is a bass hit accompanied by vocals, the vocals will distort. I cannot get the speakers to distort under ear bleeding levels with other tracks / albums even with very heavy bass. What concerns me is that I know I've had great experiences with this album in the past WITH the Heresy IV's, so I'm wondering if something happened to my speakers that dislodged something. I'm not sure what it would be. I haven't moved them around or anything. Since the distortion is only showing up when the woofer is loaded WITH the mid driver and tweeter, I'm assuming the speakers aren't blown. Is it possible that a particular album is running at a resonant frequency with the speakers and causing distortion? Not sure what to do. I even swapped speakers, swapped mono blocks, swapped cables etc. all of the way up the chain, and I can't pin point anything wrong with the rest of the system. Maybe I should just forget it. I guess what troubles me is that I know I've listened to that album before without this happening, so I'm not sure. I would appreciate any advice or experience here! Thanks in advance, Davis edit: oh I guess it would help to know the chain. roon > tidal > raspberry pi w/ roopie > modi dac (mostly an analogue listener) > quicksilver pre amp > quicksilver horn mono blocks > heresy IV
  11. Hello, I own Klipsch Heresy IVs, after a horrible experience with Schiit, I'm looking to try this amp. There is a dealer in San Antonio (near me) that sells them, but I'm interested in buying used. Unfortunately, I'm unable to direct message you because I'm new to the forum. Is there a way you can PM me? I see there's a sale pending. Thanks! - Davis Winchester
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