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  1. I like to think that my flavor on things, others might enjoy. For a little while I was restoring the Pioneer SX 1250.. This was not for everyone, but it put a different spin on a older product! Everything was changed on this unit. Custom face plate with Aluminum side blocks, removed electroplate on the top of the faceplate along with the header that houses the buttons for a polished finish. Piano black finish....It's kinda what I want to do with the speakers... Odds are I might sell them when I am done. Will people enjoy them with what I see in my head for them is the question! I LOVE SEEING all of your restores and ideas that all of you have done with your speakers. I love seeing other peoples visions and work. I think most of us are in it for the love of music, that's pretty cool!!
  2. This is what I would like to do.. But I also don't want to ruin them... That's kinda what I was trying to feel out..
  3. So as some of you know I junked picked some La Scala's. As bad as it may be to some, I will make them as perfect as I can because it's just who I am. So I started to work on the first speaker and got the hardware out. Marked and recorded everything. So mine is the BR model, so it seems I am pretty good (safe) with a finish I pick. I have been looking at many models of these and it seems so many paint them Band Black, Sorry just don't care for that. The other is more of a natural blonde, reminds me of a school desk. I'm sure my thought is out in left field for some, but I would love some input from others. What I would like to do is make them look more like a instrument. I would like to do (all) the edges in a black fading with a very candied deep wine red with a very high gloss finish. Any thoughts on that? Also it would seem the trim work on the grills are just some pieces of pine? Seems odd, Would it be ok to do a nice hardwood and do the entire front edge of the cabinet? So you don't see the plywood end grains on the front rather than just the grill being framed out? My last question is for the bottom. When I took it off, there was some really hard and crusty type of a cloth seal. Seems to perhaps of had some tar in it. It is no longer pliable and was not really sealing well! What do you all recommend for resealing the bottom of the speaker? Would love to hear anyone's thoughts..
  4. I wish I knew Cause now I am in the market for one.....
  5. Yes I know, people had no idea what they were seeing. Two groups of people passed them by, one took a old TV and another couple took a dresser... They speakers stayed.. I can't describe how I felt when I hooked them up and heard there was nothing wrong with them! One of those moments if ya know what I mean!!
  6. So I have one more question. Now that I know how they were in their OEM format, I see they were not stained. Someone did use a stain on them but did not use varnish. It is just the stain. I'm pretty fair with finishing, do you think it would be at the speakers best interest to put them back to the OEM finish?
  7. Right on, a Church tossed these!!
  8. So I was out and about today, a church had put a few items out for people to take along side a couple of large 40 yard dumpsters. Much to my shock doing a big double take, was this pair of La Scala's, I was shocked to say the least. I got them home, hooked them to an old Marantz 2235B and they work perfect. All 3 drivers work as they should. Now I have inspected them very closely, they have consecutive serial numbers, 22T853 & 22T854. I was reading in your forum trying to figure a year on them and there was a good explanation of the parts and the year they were introduced. I can't see the woofer, but they have the AA crossover, the k 55 v horn and one tweeter says K 77 M but the other says K 22 R ..... I can find anything on that number! Now they are both the same and both are original, one reason I say this is because they have a black stamped number on the tweets and they are both the same, 944. And you can just tell these speakers have not been tampered with. The speaker type is a LS-BR. Would anyone know a rough year on these or anything about them? They also seem to have a darker stain on them, almost like a dark walnut. I can find anything on this color either, but it also seems original because it is under the tag on the back and is bleeding through a little.. Any information someone might know would be great... Thank you!!
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