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  1. Latest update the dealer is shipping a new tweeter. Seems warranty is not void if I install it myself. Well keep this post updated on results.
  2. call the dealer firsthand Will do, have emailed the dealer waiting for response
  3. Won't removing void warranty? Also am afraid I would spoil something. Also these are brand new would expect them to work flawlessly 🙁 Another poster had similar issue and he pulled the tweeter.. assume this means he removed and put it back..
  4. I am having same issue with one of me new rp-8000f! Could you please let me know what pulling the tweeter and hooking it up means?
  5. How do I troubleshoot the tweeter?
  6. Yes I meant the rp-500sa. I set them up on top of the towers but the Atmos effect is not great. The ceiling is flat.
  7. The good news is I removed all the wires at the receiver and reconnected then. Both issue 1 and 2 are resolved by this. New problem: the right front speakers tweeter is not outputting any sound the left works fine. Tried switching the cables connecting the wire to high input of the speaker same issue!!
  8. Will recheck the wires when I get a chance. I am not bi amping, the wire jumpers seem fine.
  9. Hi all, Home theater newbie here. I have the below setup: RP-8000FX2 RP-504C RP-502S pair RP-500SA pair PL-200ii subwith Denon AVR-S760H which supports 75w dual channel power output. The receiver has two issues 1. During setup test , when the front right is played all three front speakers output the sound. This does not happen for the other speakers. Might be a receiver issue as per Denon support. 2. When I play a YouTube Dolby demo, after a bit into the demo the receiver shuts off and says speaker protection activated. I checked all speaker wires and they are not shorted. Are the speakers too high power hungry for this receiver? Any suggestions are appreciated here.
  10. Hi, purchasing a reference premier set from sound distributors. Getting a good deal- RP-8000FX2 RP-504C RP-502S pair RP-500SA pair PL-200ii sub For $2600 + tax Anyone has experience with them? Are these new speakers (they say they are) with valid warranty?
  11. Hi All, I am getting a deal with the following setup: 2 RP-8000F, 1 RP-504C, 2 RP-502S and FREE PL-200II Sub (I don't know BIC company, but it goes down to 21 HZ) For around $2100!! I don't think a better deal would come-by even in thanksgiving, correct me if I am wrong. +RP-502SA for $400/pair as front elevation atmos speakers. Setting them up with Denon AVR-760 which has 75W per channel with .08 distortion and 2 channel driven. Thinking of setting them up in a 20x15 feet (not completely rectangular room) as shown in the enclosed diagram. Mlp is 9.5 feet from front speakers and 3.5 feet from side surrounds. Would this work for a 5.1.2 dolby atmos? Any recommendations on the layout?
  12. Hi All, Thank you for the input!! I am getting a deal with the following setup: 2 RP-8000F, 1 RP-504C, 2 RP-600M and FREE PL-200II Sub (I don't know this company, but it goes down to 22 HZ) For $2100!! I don't think a better deal would come-by even in thanksgiving, correct me if I am wrong. Seems like a good deal, however my side surrounds would be around 3 feet from the listener, would RP-600M be overwhelming at that distance? I would have preferred RP-502S for the surrounds. Wold RP-502S not work for a dolby atmos setup?
  13. Hi, I am planning to purchase RP-8000F and RP-504C speakers for the front. With a Denon AVR-S760H receiver. The receiver supports HEOS. I would like to keep the rear speakers wireless if possible. Is there any way this can be achieved either via RP-hub and powered monitors or HEOS enabled speakers? Can the output of the receiver be transmitted to the rear speakers wirelessly?
  14. Thanks for the input. I spoke to Klipsch product support and here is their recommendation: RP-6000F would work great in the room I have. I can go with RP-8000F (just a 2 HZ difference in response) if the price is not very different and RP-8000F would not overwhelm the room. RP8000s are rated for a 30x30 room! RP-504C for center is better than RP600C as it gives a more wider image and has more woofers to work with.
  15. Hi All, This is the first time I am purchasing a full fledged home theater. The room where this would be placed is 20 feet by 14.5 feet with a 7 ft. entrance and 10 ft ceilings. The HT will be on the 14.5 feet side (shorter side of the room) with the entrance next to it. Looking for a HT which will be good for both music and movies. I am currently purchasing the front 3 speakers and plan to add surrounds afterwards. Have a Denon receiver AVR-760H (75W at 8ohms with 2 ch driven). For the front speakers I am looking to purchase RP-8000F or RP-6000F (price difference of $200). For the center channel I am looking at RP-504C or RP-600C (504C is $160 more). For the Sub either SVS SB-1000 or Speedwoofer (will check if a subwoofer is even needed once I have the front speakers setup). I suppose R-12SW would be too basic for this Please advice: 1. For my setup is a RP-6000 sufficient or is the $200 upgrade to RP-800F worth it. 2. For the center channel RP-600C more matches the side speakers (in tweeter and woofer sizes) but 504C has separate woofers which handle different frequencies. Which would be recommended? Having 4 woofers might muddy the sound or make more tighter? 3. Is a sub needed for this setup?
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