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  1. Also a further question is which speaker (AK6, AL5 & Corn IV) will sound outstanding at lower levels. I note that I would like to use my speakers for live performances and with various genres of music, but also listening at low levels, which is what I listen to most of the time. Regards NNW33
  2. Thanks Maximus89, I hadn’t considered vintage class A amps. I appreciate your suggestion. Regards NNW33
  3. I’ll look to audition all three models before making a decision. In my experience it is critical that one auditions the speaker and the amplifier together, preferably in ones own listening environment. But not always possible. But at the very least an audition of the speaker with a comparable amp is the minimum before spending this type of dough. Thanks for sharing, I very much appreciate it. Regards ‘’NNW33
  4. Hi All, Considering the AK6, AL5 and now also the Cornwall IV as speakers for my home. But what amp should I use? I listen to a wide genre of music, from metal to country, to pop, to classical and also opera. So what amp sounds better with these speakers, for example should I stick with something like: 1. Pass Labs xa30.8; 2. Woo Audio 300b WA5 speaker version (8 watts); 3. Conrad Johnson s350; 4. Willsenton R8, or go for something like a Decware SET amp? Maybe UFO2? I’ve heard amps 1 to 3 above, but with different speakers. I’m cognisant that some amps sound better for rock (Pass Labs xa30.8) than say vocals (Woo WA5-300b). So is it better to use different amps for different music? So far my view is yes. Should I consider different amps with the aforementioned Klipsch speakers? If so, which ones and why? I would be grateful for your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time reading this post. NNW33
  5. Thanks, very much appreciate it. I’ll make contact with Klipsch Australia as suggested. Best wishes NNW33
  6. Thanks for your replies. Yes I tried the Google Klipsch dealership website for Australia, that's where I got the contact details for the NSW and Victorian dealers. Westcoastdrums, yeah prices here in Australia are inflated (big time). AL5 retail for 25K and AK6 retail for $35K. Importing a pair of AL5's for say a purchase price of 8k US will cost me 20k AUS landed with 30% plus increase due to OZ dollar, transport costs, plus taxes and customs duties. Which is the price I dare say I would get a new pair for, from a local Australian retailer with say a 20% discount or so. I'll check out Crites as well. I hadn't turned my mind to building a pair, it might be a bit of an adventure, which might be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks Regards NNW33
  7. Anyone know where I can audition a pair of Klipsch La Scala AL5's and Khorn AK6's in Australia before deciding which one to purchase? Hi I’m new to the forum. I have had for some time now an interest in Klipsch, but I have never owned any. Time has now come that I would like to purchase either a pair of Klipsch La Scala AL5's or Khorn KA6's (not sure at this stage which). I have the space. I live in Australia, specifically in New South Wales. I have purchased site unseen before, but I am a lot older and a bit wiser now and won’t purchase without hearing speakers again. That said, I was fortunate that the site unseen (unheard) purchase turned out well, but that was just luck rather than good planning. The retailers I have contacted in NSW and Victoria, don’t have a pair of these speakers for auditioning. Although, the retailer in NSW was very keen in selling a pair to me, which was nice, but without auditioning a pair and working out which I wanted, I’m not prepared to spend 20-30k on a whim. So, if anyone out there knows where I can have a listen to these speakers Klipsch La Scala AL5 and Khorn KA6 at a retailer in OZ, I would be much obliged. Of course, the retailer I audition the Klipsch La Scala AL5’s and Khorn KA6's at, will be the retailer that I will purchase from, provided the speakers move me. As I said, I am not sure whether it will be the AL5's or the KA6's, thus I will need to listen to both. Borders are opening up soon in Oz, so a trip to the US may be an alternative sometime next year, but would prefer to purchase locally in OZ if possible. Thanks for taking the time reading my first post. Best wishes NNW33
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