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  1. KLIPSCH QUARTET- pair blk ash cabinets in pristin, flawless condition. orig. owner. Purchased I believe in 1993 from Sound Advise ( retailer) US1 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308. Horn tweeters Horn mid-range Woofer...w/ complimenting passive radiator. The Highs are crisp glass breaking accurate audio followed by punchy tight ( non muddy bass). The 12" & 10" bass end hits hard and very dramatic while the mid-range tweeter gives incredible separation. I am an audio file. I have attempted to replace over time but can not find anything with the efficiency and full spectrum fidelity of the KLIPSCH QUARTET. I am a 55yo old school Bass Player. I know what is.....! I am moving from my home to a smaller less sound friendly residence. These have been my pride since purchase. These were originally mated to a Pioneer Elite back then and as dollars became abundant various Adcom, Nakamich, etc. Cosmetically flawless, audio wise stellar with power efficiency from little power to a real high current amps. As of late the have been used less. These screens and all componets of speakers are original. The girls are still rigid & difficult to take out. See photos. Peaks available online as are reviews. These will not disappoint. These are the best used speakers of sound & quality I have ever seen. I may still have orig literature See pics.. Worth every penny I am asking! All the Best AJ. 954 261 6306
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