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  1. Man, they look great. I wish they put those handles on the consumer line as well. Just make em fancy FFS.
  2. I mean, I've bought,sold,traded since the 70's and and managed multiple music venues with every variety of PA known to man, but I'll go ahead and bend the knee to your obviously superior opinion on this.
  3. Oh man, I respect your opinion, but it's against my experience, but I'd love for you to expound on what you consider a good room for 'horns. They will be bright in a small room but that's every horn ever. I've just never had a room with 2 good corners that wasn't a decent room for khorns. Good being the determinator obv, and I've bought and sold plenty as my house at the time dictated. Honestly I think for an average room Forte IIs or Cornwalls rule as far as Kilipsch go, but subjective.
  4. You modded yours for a reason, yeah? I love La Scala's and am not trying to talk them down, but in my pretty extensive experience with them, they have proven to be more placement and room sensitive than K-Horns or the smaller speakers. Clearly you can have KHorns in too small a room as well, but finding a room where you can space La Scalas and still keep them away from the walls is hard. They sound fine even under less than ideal circumstances, but as the other poster noted they can be bright. But fine is not the same as ideal and they sound best at least 24" from the walls (which means a 16' room in my opinion) projecting into a big room at a decent volume. If that's not your listening environment I'd encourage you to audition Cornwalls at least before making a decision. All this is out the window if you get a screaming deal obviously.
  5. The LaScalas yelled at me and the Heresys sing to me. LOL, this is a perfect description of La Scalas in a less than ideal room,which is most of them. Cornwalls or K-Horns are usually a better choice for big rooms that aren't barns or dance clubs. La Scalas are basically a PA speaker and are best utilized that way IMO. What I mean by that is they sound best within a pretty fixed volume range. K-Horns still sound punchy at low volumes, so do Cornwalls. La Scala's are dead until like 80 db or something, then all of a sudden they sound freaking amazing. They are also pretty picky about placement in that big room in my experience. Subs help, you used to see a bunch of LS with subs bolted on top back in the day.
  6. 15' is a tad short IMO, I want at least 24" to the back and sides and 8' in between. But, you're pretty close to a good La Scala room for sure. I said this in another thread, but I think K-Horns might actually fit more rooms than La Scala's.
  7. I ran a Carver M 1.5T thru a 4000T into La Scala's for years when I lived in a party house, and I have a crate of blown tweeters and mids to prove it. Absolute and total mismatch, the Carver was way,way overpowered. A ton of hiss as well, since Bob wasn't too concerned with that or THD for that matter. Fantastic amp for greedy speakers, but way overkill for Klipsch.
  8. Yep, and his pre-amp. Figured it would be plenty, but nice to know. My BIL has been isolating since the lockdown, but I figure this project will get him involved. And for folks that don't remember, those Carvers were something stupid like 350 into 8 and 1000 bridged mono. rack mount and all, but he put a fan in the PA version which the home version needed badly.
  9. LOL, I have a mess of blown mids and tweeters that say headroom is nice if you have responsible roommates. That Carver could rip speakers apart if you weren't careful.
  10. LOL, I ran a set of La Scala's on a Carver M1.5t for years. What a mismatch that was.
  11. Yeah, that was great. Jason seems like a great guy, sent me about 50 pics of the various dings and chips, etc. Walnut AAs for $2500, man, that's about what we were paying in the late 80s. How do they sell new ones at $16? I'll tear em down and spiff everything up and I ordered a couple Transcendent kits to run em on. The guy at my local shop will laugh his butt off when I buy like 30 tubes at once tho.
  12. 40 into 8 now, so 25ish into 4 I'd guess. Should be plenty. I'm sure I'll get another MC275 at some point, but it would purely be for nostalgia. My Rowland is pretty amazing for a SS integrated, but a conservative 150 is wasted on KHorns. It actually runs my S8s ok, but 6 drivers a side would probably benefit from another 100 per. But,you know, I'm 55 now, this is all nostalgia considering my hearing.
  13. Well, I ordered a set of Transcendent monoblocks. Should be a fun build and cheap enough I can move on with no regret in case my building skills aren't what they used to be.
  14. I've never had much luck with La Scala's in smaller rooms myself. Cornwalls are almost too much for an average living room when you consider positioning. Even K-Horns adapt to smaller rooms better in my opinion. Forte's are plenty for most rooms as it is. I absolutely love La Scalas but gave up on mine a year before I moved into the only house I've ever had that would have been perfect for them. I'd go so far as to say it's harder to find a good La Scala house than a good K Horn house. Like an average 2 car garage is about perfect. 2 feet from the back and sides at a minimum, 8 clear feet between at a minimum , decently high overhead. They will sound like La Scalas no matter what, but the difference when they have room to breathe is crazy.
  15. My old set up was K Horns or La Scalas and a Mac 275. I'll probably go that way again, but can be persuaded different, it's almost too much amp IMO for KHs. I never set out to buy horns, I just wanted a set of cornwalls + a tube amp for a dedicated vinyl rig. But, our new house has 3 good corners in the LR, so horns it is. My current LR rig is a Jeff Rowland Concentra II thru Paradigm S8s, and I'll shift that into the music cave. More amp than the horns need (but less than the S8s like I think), and I was looking to set up a dedicated vinyl rig anyway. 40 watts should be plenty for my needs. What say you guys? I'd imagine a 275 plus a preamp will put me at 5K easy, more like 7 probably. I'd like to stay around 5 and am not adverse to integrated. Prefer balanced in/out, but it's not a deal killer.
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