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  1. New to the forum and recently bought a pair of klipsch R51m on sale . I am looking for options to build a budget vinyl setup and started looking at options to combine the speakers with a budget ( < 500 euro) vintage integrated amp .Not necessarily looking at a too warm sounding amp so I restricted my selection to budget and what I could see and read up on being natural soundings amps with a decent phono stage ... so these are some of the options I have on the amps and wondering if any other klipschonians has used them or would recommend ? Yamaha CA-800 Pioneer A-616 II YAMAHA AX-700 Kenwood KA-5500 KENWOOD KA-6004 PIONEER A-656 II Pioneer A-717 Pioneer SA-710-II SANSUI AU-X501 SANSUI AU-417 Met vriendelijke groeten , Bert
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