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  1. @henry4841 Beautiful work! What are the details? How does it sound? Compared to the Little Sweeties?
  2. Are others able to see the picture? I don't believe I've ever been able to see any pictures that appear in the text as a link.
  3. Not exactly on topic, but I'm hoping someone can help. Whenever I click an embedded link as in SonicSeeker's post above, I get nothing more than a black box and an icon indicating a broken link. Anyone have any thoughts as to the problem?
  4. Welcome to the forum! I agree with Travis on everything he has said. I personally endorse the Bluesound Node streamer suggestion, but would go for the latest generation available (Gen 3, I believe). If you want to do a little digging, there are several threads where other members have documented their searches for new components. With a budget of up to $5K, you have a ton of options. Fortunately, the Heresy IIIs will sound great with pretty much any quality amp, so I suspect you can find excellent options that will meet all your needs and deliver great sound for half that amount or less.
  5. Instead of speculating about why threads are shut down, could we ask a moderator to explain so we can know what is and is not acceptable?
  6. I think we need a tutorial on the Ignore functionality for new users.
  7. I bought a pre-packaged parts kit and assume the guy who put it together had that knowledge. I certainly don't...lol
  8. Thank you. This is good to know. Part of my reason for asking is because of Henry's comment about the bass being stronger and quicker. This is a change I noted when I upgraded the capacitors in my Marantz 1060. My brother-in-law also has a 1060 that matches mine but is all original so we were able to A/B the two. If you weren't switching between the two, I'm not sure the changes would have been noticeable, but we were both able to clearly hear what I would also describe as stronger and quicker bass, so I wondered if the premium passive components might be contributing factors. The difference, though, is the new caps that went into my 1060 were also of different values than the originals, so that may be more significant than any quality differences.
  9. Somewhere along the line I must have done something right. My 25 y/o grandson has a few hundred vinyl albums (mostly 60s & 70s) and recently took home my Dynaudio floor standers to replace a pair of crappy old 12" 3-ways that he had picked up somewhere along the line. He's looking forward to buying a house in the next couple of years so he can move up to a pair of Klipsch speakers. I'm kind of proud.
  10. WOW! Love it!!! Congratulations.
  11. If your current set up "sounds great and does everything I need it to" there is no reason you "should" change anything. Sit back and enjoy and love it as it is. As mentioned above, chasing the elusive better can get really expensive. Now, if you positively insist on diving into the rabbit hole, you can count on endless suggestions...LOL
  12. @henry4841 I know you've only got a few hours on the new amp, but I wondered if you've been able to discern any appreciable difference in sound between this one with premium components and the standard version. I saw your comments on the Hammond vs. Edcor OPTs. Do you feel that difference is all related to the transformers, or do you think the other components contribute. Unless I misunderstood your earlier post about the difference in cost between the standard and premium components, the added cost is quite small.
  13. A few years ago my grandson asked me to build him a "surf" guitar. I used a Jazz Master body and neck with P90s and a Strat tremolo. Alpine white with a deep red tortoise shell pick guard and gold hardware. It's a beautiful guitar and has a really cool sound. Somewhere along the line, my pictures disappeared. They are probably on my phone somewhere, but I'm not smart enough to find them. One of these days, I'm going to build another one for myself.
  14. Totally agree! What you can buy today for under $1K...and sometimes WAY under...is excellent quality.
  15. I think the Epi Masterbuilt line is great. I've had this one for probably 15 years and I think they are better now than they were back then. Mine does not have a solid top like the newer ones do. It still sounds great. StewMac has a J-45 kit that will probably build at some point.
  16. I've played American, Mexican, and Asian Teles and if they are set up well, I'm pretty sure I would not be able to tell the difference in the way they play. Fit and finish, maybe, but even then it would be tough between the American and Mexican versions.
  17. The one on the right is a Martin D28 copy I built from a Stewart-Macdonald kit. The one on the left is actually an Epiphone Masterbuilt copy of a Gibson J-45.
  18. The Tele is one of the "partscasters" I've built. It is essentially a '62 clone. I love it! A buddy of mine just bought a new Made in Mexico Tele that is super sweet. I think he said he paid less that $800 for it and it kicks butt.
  19. Finally got around to hanging my guitars. It's only taken me five months. We had a fire last summer and the guitars all sustained smoke and soot damage, but are otherwise fine. The dreadnought has some damage to the finish which basically makes it look "distressed". It still plays great. All the electrics on the left wall need to be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled which I'm doing as time permits. Once I get my workbench built, I've got an Epiphone Casino with a broken neck that I will attempt to repair and another acoustic to build.
  20. Little Sweetie Parts List - final version I've attached what I think will be the final version of the Little Sweetie parts list for a stereo version. I've included a few parts that will be different if someone decides to build a mono version and have highlighted them to try to keep the list from being confusing. Some suggested including current prices for the parts so I've done that. The price columns include an "as of" date. Little Sweetie Parts List.pdf
  21. Nice looking set up! Are your Fortes on wheels? I'm still tinkering with my Forte III set up. I currently have them about 18" from the wall and slightly toed. I can't say the depth is incredible, but there is some, and I get enough bass without a sub to make me happy. I'm using a Nelson Pass ACA and the imaging is great.
  22. Nice work! I share your hobby...sort of...I don't build my own bodies. At least not so far. I have started building acoustics from StewMac kits, though. That gets me closer to scratch built.
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