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  1. I have the T5 Neckband version, and intended it to use it for office work (the on ears Jabra are terrible after 2 hours of meetings and don't last a full day). On the phone it's connected instantly but on a company owned Windows 10 laptop (Dell Lattude) it took forever. I managed to get it working by being absolutely sure the T5 is not connected to any device (like your phone). Then try to pair. Takes ages for the laptop to see the device. When it finally did, and paired, a reboot was required. After the reboot, only 'music' was available. Removed the device, repeated the process and it's working fine now, also voice. For how long? Don't know. We'll see. I suspect it got something to do with it being a company owned laptop (restricted permissions), older model, older bluetooth version? No way to be sure though.
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