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  1. K. Since my future theater room is small (there's no room for 4 large rears, a chair and couch), I thought I'd have my rear surrounds in the ceiling. So far I'm looking to put 2 RCR-3's for the center rears and X for the rear right and lefts. I was looking at either RCR3's or RCW3's but was wondering... can you (or should you) put the RCW3's in the ceiling? or would it make sense to go with all RCR3's? Got RP3's for mains and RC3 center. Thanks, Dave
  2. Just a note I forgot.... I have a pair of powered Sony Sava7 computer speakers hooked up to my computer. They also do the same thing, but only when the power is turned on and there is no signal going to them from the computer. very strange and disturbing....
  3. Nope, not kidding. The problem happens nightly, and is comming from the power amp inside the RP3s. My receiver is off, tv - off, everything is off. The RP3's are in standby mode, and pick up this guy talking over either a CB or Ham radio. I bought the line conditioner not to solve the problem, but to only switch the RP3s on while the receiver is on - so I don't have this guy talking to me at 5 in the morning. I found the solution to my trigger problem at radioshack. Got a 12V DC power supply and a 1/8 inch miniplug adapter to do the triggering for the 5100. I'm trying to track him down, but haven't been successful yet. Thanks for your opinions. :-)
  4. ok. This is kinda related to klipsch, kinda not. I've been having a problem with my RP3's talking at 5 in the morning. They are picking up some guys CB transmission. I went out and bought a Panamax 5100 line conditioner, which has 2 switched outlets. They are triggered via a 12V DC trigger. I have a Yamaha VRX800 receiver that I would like to have turn on the line conditioner, and then the RP3s via the 12V DC trigger but.... the Yamaha receiver doesn't have a trigger out connection. I have heard that you can buy a 12V power supply, plug it into the back of your receivers outlets, and have that be the trigger. I can't find any good info on the subject, or where to buy such a device. Any help from the seasoned pro's would be greatly appricated. Thanks, Dave
  5. My subwoofers are talking.... well, kind of. A few streets away is a high school baseball field. Tonight, my RP3's started picking up a signal from the announcer at the baseball game. The sound only came out of the subwoofer, and is was really faint. Since the RP3's have powered subwoofers, I guess the amp is picking up the signal. I was wondering what I can do to prevent this from happening. Would a line conditioner help? Thanks! Dave
  6. Hello. I'm new(er) to Klipsch speakers and have got a question about the KLFC7 center speaker. I'm currently running RP3's as mains, SC.5 for center and quintets for rears. I found the great deal on uBid for the KLF-C7, but was wondering if it was worth it? I can't really find any reviews on the speaker, and was confused by the frequency response. It says that it's 75 to 20, where as my cheapo SC.5 is 70 to 20. I know the efficiency is different, size, etc. Since I'm a newbie, I was wondering if I'll notice a difference between the two? What the difference will be and will I notice the missing 5Hz? Also, is this a good speaker to match with the RP3's. Seems the SC5 is a bit tame for my current setup. Thanks for any help you can give, Dave
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