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  1. My brother-in-law, Gil McDermott, was a frequent participant in this forum. Gil had a stroke and will likely be in a nursing home when he gets out of the hospital. He has a number of speakers and speaker components in his condo, which will have to be disposed of. He built custom Klipsch design speakers as a hobby. I don't have an exact count but there were about half a dozen 15" speakers, still in their boxes, 2 complete custom built "K" speakers, and other gear. I don't have an exact list right now. I will be headed back to Chicago and to inventory his belongings for the probate court, if anyone is interested I will post more info when I have it. [Moderator Edit: Moved this from Alerts to Lounge so more people will see it as Gil has been a mainstay on this Forum for 20 years or so. I thought people would want to know and maybe we can get some updates on his condition. When his brother-in-law has the list we will help them get that set up in Garage Sale section]
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