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  1. I definitely wouldn't describe my experience with Crites diaphragms as "sad".
  2. Uh, I never said that. I just said I'm happy with the ones I bought. I have no idea where any of them are made and have not heard the Klipsch diaphragms. They 100% smoothed out the top end on the speakers I installed them on.
  3. Thanks but I already have the diaphragms and ALK crossovers will be here in a few weeks. I have Crites diaphragms in my KG 4.2 for home theater and love the sound of them.
  4. I have some ALK crossovers on the way and some Crites diaphragms to put in. I want these to look as good as they sound!
  5. Nice, I like the white. Good motivation here.
  6. Yes I am aware. What I meant by that comment was that those were my options at this point. Strongly considering getting some walnut veneer and making them match.
  7. The serials are a few numbers apart. I did notice the difference in grain but didn't really think it was different veneer altogether. It's tempting to put some nice veneer on them and some oil, the black is boring.
  8. Well this sucks. Looks like the first one was actually walnut and the second is definitely oak. It's either new paint or veneer replacement.
  9. I was thinking it looks like white oak.
  10. They are FOR FB RV, which is black lacquer. It doesn't tell me what veneer it is. I just had a look at them and one looks like it may be different veneer so I may have to repaint. I will strip the other base and report back here.
  11. Hello, just joined here and looking for info and help with refinishing my Fortès. Can anyone tell me what veneer this is underneath the black lacquer I have stripped off? Also, what would be the proper finish to apply? Did Klipsch use boiled linseed oil? I would like a darker finish I think. Thanks
  12. Nice refinish. I know this is a bit old now but what finish di you use to get that color? I am thinking of doing mine like this.
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