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  1. Welcome to the forum , The CW4 is a very finely engineered loudspeaker , and in my honest opinion it would be highly unlikely to expect an improvement by modifying the crossover network , the likely result of doing so , would be a degradation of sound quality that may be obvious or not so obvious but there nonetheless. Enjoy those great sounding speakers and try not to look at the grass in the neighbors yard 🤓
  2. Klipschorns are still relevant ,bought mine new in 1985 , their my most prized possession , not a scratch on them , 100 percent stock , still sounding awesome and still kicking butt.
  3. Way different speakers , the Jubilee is a speaker that attracts the kind of owner that is searching for the biggest ,baddest, loudest, most outrageous , and best sounding speaker available . A speaker that can fill a very large room with no bad seat in the house, and with their extreme sensitivity, they can send unwanted guests into cardiac arrest, while the JBL would hardly register a blip on an EKG .The JBL is not in any way a similar speaker to the Jubilee with its 94 db claimed sensitivity , I know what 94 is in a larger sized room , and I know what 250 hp feels like in a car vs the 640 in my car . The JBL is a fine speaker, I’ve heard the smaller version with the 120 hp engine , I mean with the 12 inch woofer . Completely different category of speaker.
  4. If you like your Jubilee’s, then the new Klipsch Lascala would be a logical downsize replacement, the JBL is going to take you in another direction , so I’d listen to them very closely before you give up on the biggest Klipsch sound .🤓
  5. It looks like it could be really dangerous being a robber , poor bastard🤓
  6. BTW , good looking stands , try them out without any fill first , so that you can gives us your thoughts as to any change in sound. Welcome to the forum 🤓
  7. As you can see most of us on the forum are partial to the heritage line , including myself. A few years back I bought a pair of RP 280f and compared them with my Heresy II ‘s over a period of time , and I thought they compared pretty favorably to the Heresy , RP had lower bass response , more detailed high’s, similar sensitivity ,a darn good sounding speaker , Eventually I concluded that I preferred the warmer smoother sound of the Heresy , and that they just sounded a bit more satisfying to my ear , but Undoubtedly others would disagree and prefer the RP . On the other hand the larger Heritage Lascala and Khorn ,which I had in a different room , clearly provided a different presentation altogether, bigger scale, dynamics,whatever, the RP’s don’t live in the same world as those .
  8. Cantilevered designs can promote resonance , as they will deflect at four times the rate of a boxed design ,think of the way a tuning fork works 🤓
  9. The Klipsch RP-8000f is a outstanding speaker, offered at a great price . They absolutely rival much more expensive speakers, I’m sure they will sound great with your tubes . Welcome to the forum 🤓
  10. Surround Quartets with 12 inch risers and atmospheric fill , good result . 🤓
  11. Nice set up , I love the Heresy , used one as center for my Khorns a long while ago, it offered a very good timbre match , but dynamic qualities made them a bit less than a perfect match for my taste. It was only when I went Lascala center that I was truly satisfied , not to discount your opinion at all , Heresy does work.🤓
  12. Go with Lascala or another Bell , unfortunately they are the only speakers that will offer you a no compromise center . Using any thing else is like settling for the Camaro instead of the Vette , or like taking the kids to a petting zoo instead of Disney World , you can put anything in there as center ,but a Bell center ( or Lascala ) is about as good as home theater gets , and your 2/3’s there right now .🤓
  13. Also to add to my post , I have found that a speaker that plays 35 hz flat , can at times sound a bit bloated on some music , so my personal preference is a gentle down slope to about -4 at 35 hz for music . Lots of members will definitely not agree on this , just my personal observation.🤓
  14. Welcome to the forum. This question of poor bass comes up frequently with many models of speakers. The best thing to do is run some test tones into them and see if they are performing properly . Test one at a time at 3 ft or less with the other speaker turned down( balance )and see what they do . Make sure if you use the c weighted scale that you compensate for the readings .They will probably be down 3 db or so at 40 hz , which would likely be normal .Also left and right should measure the same , if all is well .🤓
  15. Transient response to most audiophiles is generally understood as a gauge to how quickly a speaker responds to signal . I’ve never considered transient response as being related to high spl .(unless the speaker is overdriven) I believe that the OP is actually more interested in maximum undistorted output, or when compression of some sort begins to effect output peaks . Actual Transient response would be better measured in a time domain rather than in amplitude or output capability.
  16. Maybe we should refer to the JubScala, as the Speaker formally known as JubScala 🤓
  17. Yea but your referring to your simulations , I wouldn’t have any confidence in those , lol giggle giggle
  18. Simulation only gets you so far in speaker design , so does your artificial intelligence lol giggle giggle
  19. The basis for my statement is the ridiculous arguments that you made with Mr .Delgado, a highly respected horn speaker designer. You really revealed yourself , but don’t seem to realize it
  20. You sure giggle a lot for a horn fanatic , lol lol lol lol lol giggle giggle
  21. You exaggerate your intellect.
  22. If you really want the data ,then test them yourself, only you can reliably capture it ,and only you can verify that the same calibrated test equipment was used for both speakers including microphone , location exactly the same , test procedure exactly the same , all test variables exactly the same . Data from another source would be highly unreliable, only you can verify that your test procedure was fully followed. Unfortunately any test data that you would receive would likely be of questionable value and not very useful for direct comparison to other tests done elsewhere , good reliable test results require scientific controls . Let’s face it speaker specs are notoriously unreliable.Test it your self , report your findings.🤓
  23. Hey John , nice to meet you. Never thought anything about it , I’ll bet that we all sound a little abrasive from time to time , including myself ( not that you did ) , it’s the damn testosterone I think ,also the forum medium can sometimes give the wrong impression, nature of the beast I guess, keep the tweeters tweeting and have a great day.🤓
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