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  1. Don’t know how you think I’m asking a premium price. I can part the RF7 main speakers out for a grand I have done it before. Go buy the stuff new or somthing equivalent and see what that cost you. They are in great shape and well taken care of. So if you don’t have anything useful to add maybe just keep your mouth shut.
  2. Funny ha ha it’s pretty stupid when people are pissing and moaning about not having pictures when there a 1000 mile away or further from the pick up location. Sounds to me just like a bunch of nosy people with nothing else to do.
  3. Glad I wasted my time posting pics for all you tire kickers
  4. I have a pair of original RF7 speakers in cherry and a RC7 also in cherry and a RSW15 in black for sale all in great shape looking for 2500 for them all. located in Dubuque Iowa pick up only
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