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  1. I've heard that Klipsch subs have bad amps. Do you think that the RP-6000F will be much better than the RP-600M?
  2. Hello everyone, Current setup: A 5.0 Kenwood home theater pack from Series 21 and they are really old. The AVR I'm using is a denon X-2700H and my subwoofer is a Klipsch SPL-120. Usage: 50% movies, 50% music (not using 2.0 for music though). Listening habits and tastes: I mainly watch action movies with dynamic effects etc. As for my music tastes, I listen to almost everything, from metal to hip hop. Volume wise, I love cranking it up! And I'm a basshead. Room size and main listening position: Room is ~1800cubic feet. It's a small one, with just a double bed, a wardrobe and my home theater setup. The MLP is at 9,2feet. Budget: No more than 1300euros (eu market). Options, prices and thoughts: I want to go for the RP line since I've read that they are awesome speakers. For the center speaker I can get the RP-600C for 400euros or the RP-504C for 540euros. As for the Left and Right channel, I can get the RP-5000F's for 680euros, the RP-6000F's for 800euros or the RP-600M's for 500euros. Should I save cash and just go for the RP-600M's and later on plan to buy a bigger sub? Are those Klipsch floorstanders muuuch louder than the RP-600M's, or a good subwoofer could balance things out? Thanks a ton.
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