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  1. Henry from what I've read you have only made some interesting considerations, but maybe I don't know enough about the background.
  2. Ah here is a lot of things explained, AL has been updated in AL-2 because the K55-V driver has been replaced too, not because it was not good. So it makes no sense to plug in an AL-3 if my speakers have the original K55-V driver and aluminium castle K400 horn, my ears didn't lie to me then ... Tweeter burnt, connections jumping I don't get any of this my AL's have been checked and they respond perfectly. I think it depends on the condition the speaker was stored in, if the digetted AL crossovers came from some barn then understandably they weren't right..
  3. Hello everyone, when I bought La Scala speakers from 1983 in 2016, I had several electronics at home to match: first I tried with SAE P-102 A-202 pre and power amp, very energetic sound, abundant bass, excellent spatiality and dynamics, however they are devices with a rather high gain and not adjustable, so with La Scala's very high efficiency Speakers, the background hum was somewhat noticeable. The SAE pair have found a new owner and have been replaced by pre and power SAE 2100L-Bryston 2B-LP pro. The breakthrough felt good, with many gain adjustments the background hum was attenuated and the sound produced by SAE-Bryston was first-rate, stage width and depth at the top, great transparency and exceptional definition. the 2B-LP pro has 60W RMS per channel and is enough to drive La Scala's well so I could definitely recommend this amp without a doubt. Only note about this Bryston power amp, I believe that for the setting of its project it is more suitable to drive small and 2-way systems rather than large classic speakers, in any case with La Scala's it is able to provide a lot of satisfaction. I also had another Revox S-series triptych system at home: cassette deck, tuner and integrated amplifier, so I moved everything into the living room and hooked up the Revox B250-S to La Scala's. This pairing has remained stable the Revox integrated is energetic and refined at the same time: definition, airiness and dynamics are excellent, this amplifier also has an exuberant power reserve despite its compact size, the bass is abundant but tight, real punches in the stomach! Thanks to its particular transformer, the B250-S is completely mute, you can't tell the difference between on and off even by going with your ear to the speaker, and as a cherry on the cake it is equipped with a remote control that is so convenient when I'm thrown on the sofa. eh! With my eyes closed, I would recommend this amplifier in combination with La Scala speakers. SAE and Bryston went to my home studio where they fly my Klipsch KG2s. I wanted to share my experience with you to leave an indicative trace to any owners and interested parties in La Scala; your other experiences will certainly be of interest. Greetings from northern Italy.
  4. Thank you all for the interesting comments. I cannot understand what is wrong with my AL filters, it seems to me that the speakers sound great, even in comparison with AL-3 Crites networks which from what I understand do not attenuate the mid horn sufficiently. If the mids are not attenuated as much as is necessary, the speaker sounds too "all out" and the mids are too overhanging, while with the original AL it is more balanced, at least in my ears I am no expert with crossover ... AL-3 is probably been optimized for other drivers, to get an alleged real improvement I would have to switch to other networks like A 4500 and other tweeters, but I prefer to leave the system as it was born and buy other records ... Thanks
  5. maybe even the 1996 drivers are not exactly the same as in 1982, mine have the horn in cast aluminum, square magnets on the woofer and on the tweeter ... With AL-3 the mids are more present and the speaker plays "everything out ", while with AL the stage seems even further back and the rebuild is more holographic ... Why haven't I connected before? Perhaps the best thing to do is to leave these speakers as they were born, each serial number with its own crossover ... It doesn't take much to get away from the original design ..
  6. Dave, I think you made a good choice with AA, Bob Crites' AL-3 is as I said very sharp, however the speaker becomes very much like a studio monitor, if I had wanted studio monitors I would not have bought La Scala's. AL to my ears sounds more euphonic, perhaps more nasal and more colorful but creates more ambiance, more space and the timbre takes on a more "authentic" and particular character, at the moment I prefer it. These ALs the previous owner had measured and still respond perfectly, the capacitors do not necessarily need to be replaced, I think paper capacitors are long-lasting. Also let us know how are your impressions and differences between AA and AL ...
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to the community, I own two pairs of Klipsch, The 1982 LSBR La Scala's in the living room driven by Revox B250-S and a pair of KG2 first series (air suspension) in the small studio driven by Bryston 2B-LP Pro-SAE 2100L. The subject of the topic is the original AL crossover. My La Scala's bought in 2016 have the stock AL crossover and Bob Crites' AL-3 crossover, which I have always connected. The Bob Crites AL-3 is certainly very good it provides absolute precision and neatness, however intrigued by the negative reviews on the genuine AL I connected it and to my surprise at the moment I prefer it, the big speaker sounds freer and has a more evident character, more dynamic, a sound that I would stay on the sofa all day listening. This is my impression, the AL crossover works great! Greetings to everyone, from Italy.
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