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  1. Hello guys. I decided I'm gonna build this network but there's just one thing I'm not sure I understand. In the Woofer section of the schematics, the "0.66mh" and the "6.8 ohms". Are those the measurments for the woofer coil or are they parts I need to add?
  2. I think the damage is too much to be fixed by a black sharpie. I'd also maybe like to change the color.
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if the veneer is thick enough to be sanded if I wanted to change the color? If not, could I just lightly sand it and apply some new stain of the same color(black)? Pics of current damage: https://imgur.com/a/WLFgGeu
  4. Hello, I'm wondering if anybody ever tried to fit the horn of the P Audio PHT-409 on a Forté II? From what I can see, the horn seems almost identical to the Forté III horn. I'm especially wondering if I could fit the original driver/magnet with the crites titanium diaphragm on the PHT-409 horn? Anybody tried that?
  5. Thanks for the answer. I will actually upgrade and buy the ALK crossover.
  6. Hello, I am planning to change the tweeter diaphragms on my Forté IIs. I'm wondering if anyone know which is better between the Crites tweeter and the Klipsch titanium tweeter(from simplyspeakers.com)?
  7. Actually, the Forté II and the RP-8000F are both rated at 32hz to 20khz +/-3db. The forté loses some db under about 80hz though so maybe that's why it seems to have less bass. It is also more calibrated for extra SPL and less distortion vs the RP-8000F. The whole midrange is clearly better in the Forté though and like Paul Klipsch once said, "We live in the midrange".
  8. The bass is really different between the two. The RP-8000F feels like it digs deeper though. It's hard to describe but the bass feels really different between the two.
  9. RP-8000F vs Forté II Hello, I have both models and I'm wondering, for people who actually heard both, which of these two do you prefer? While both are very good, I think I like the Forté II a bit better. I have not heard a lot of speakers so it's hard to say why I like them better. They are completely different beasts. I'm just curious of your opinions.
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