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  1. Recently bought one and cant wait till day i unpack it. Currently traveling. Really looking forward to get this set running with klipsch! please share your experience. my setup: klipsch cinema 1200 obviously atv4k21 dune real vision 4k sony 77A80j playstation 5
  2. Lets talk, share your thoughts, setups, bugs here!
  3. Good day all, i recently bought cinema 1200 and found what no dts/dts:x support, while on older soundbars there is. soundbar is an entry level HT for those who even don’t understand whole zoo of codecs. So how come such a good name company did it to their users? questions to klipsch representatives: product came out really raw. App updated few months after and not even look like it polished. Maybe same with dts/dtsx or just transcoder will come to soundbar in a future updates? best Regards
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