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    My ex-wife found my speaker building obsession, and speaker listening sessions, somewhat over the top and frivolous. She would jokingly ask my friends if their favorite listening chair ensured that their ears were 39" off the floor...or....if there tweeters were at ear level. She even brought out a tape measure one time when I had some friends over listening to some new speaker builds...and measured from floor to ear. I'll admit it was funny. But, I believe this is what she wanted to say when we split up......
  2. He’s 11 years old now, but this pic was when he was about 3-4 years old. I would guess he was around 215-220 in this picture. He used to be quite athletic. I found him on the kitchen Island a couple of times. 32” wasn’t an issue for him to jump up on. Alas, he is getting old, like me.
  3. So…basically I kept the K48 woofer/passive radiator/enclosure from my original 1990 Chorus II’s. I replaced the K79 tweeter with the LMAHL V2 from DaveA. I then replaced the K61 Mid with a A55G V2/K604 horn. I also replaced the 32 year old xover with a new unit from Crites. I followed that up with placing a full shelf brace between the mid and tweeter. Finally, I affixed damping material on the mid horns & driver rear cups; and all the ribs of the woofers and passive radiator frames. I burned it in for about 10 hours. My first impression was that it sounded ‘unfamiliar’…a lot of wonderful sounds but it didn’t seem to be cohesive. I move the speakers around, shut doors, rearranged furniture. I put on background music for 36 hours straight. I followed this up by not playing them at all for a three weeks of weeks. I just wasn’t feeling the love…so, I took a break until I just wanted to listen to my music. Put on some Chris Isaac yesterday…what came out was nothing short of amazing. I followed this up with some acoustic guitar, Whitney Houston, AC/DC, madrigal singers, even some barbershop quartet standards. Everything was sweet, tight, lively, and smooth. Tweeter were a touch string so I backed them off about 2db on my Denon AVR graphic equalizer. They sound fantastic. I love the music coming out of them.
  4. Sherman looks a lot like those Turkish dogs…but he is a Saint Bernard x Bloodhound cross. I asked a vet how he got so big with that cross; vet said it was just the quirk of genetics. This is Sherman with his paws on the floor taking a treat out of my hand….I am 6’5”…my hand is about 7 feet up.
  5. He jumped on an accompanying couch, while playing, and cracked the horizontal wood supports along the bottom of the couch. I took the feet off of this loveseat so that the floor would support his weight…
  6. My daughter did a tic tok video of him a few years back, but I don’t have any vids. This is an unaltered pic of him sitting on an old couch with my wife…he is comically ridiculous.
  7. Sherman...our 234# genetic mutant. That's Clyde, our 155# Saint Bernard behind him; as Sherman plows through the Michigan snow.
  8. I actually purchased a used pair of AE TD15M's off of a gentlement here on this forum....so I am all set. Thank you for taking the time to post this to me.
  9. I have to admit that, coming from the '70's and all of the colorful white woofers...the shiny metallic LMAHL V2's that I installed in my Chorus II's are a welcome Bling! But hey, I am just a shoprat's kid from Flint, MI when they produced chrome trim with cars attached....so maybe it's my love of a 1974 Buick Electra 225 all decked out with full chrome trim that has infected my style DNA. Shiny is so 'bomb'.
  10. I will be baking some Paska here in the next couple of weeks. I add Turmeric for a more savory flavor and slightly yellow-er presentation. Good stuff!!
  11. ...and it's only your ears you need to please I just was surprised about the 5db that Klipsch had noted on the Cornwall.
  12. I am surprised at that level of difference between the woofer and mid & tweet - 5 db - and that it still sounds good. I had Meniscus Audio create some new 24db/octave xovers for my Chorus II's, years back, and had them voice them progressively 3-4db down at around 15,000hz, from the woofer level at 60hz. Low level listening was good and absolutely sang like Pavoratti at 110+db with little shrillness (I used to have the kids in the neighborhood dancing in the middle of the road when I turned it up).
  13. Title says is all. Looking for a 4ohm pair of either the FaitalPro 15PR400 or Acoustic Elegance TD15M. I recognize that this is probably wishful thinking....but, doesn't hurt to try.
  14. The material that the horn is made from is at least 6-7mm thick of some type of ABS material. They are very sturdy and will definitely hold the driver. I was surprised by how thick they are. By the way, the mounting holes are not perfectly centered....you will probably have to massage/open up the mounting holes a little to get the bolts to slide through. it isn't a big issue.
  15. Voice coil inductance also affects how well the lower sensitivity woofers match up to the higher sensitivitysquawkers in the 400hz-800hz range. Take a woofer with an Le of 1.6 compared to a woofer with an Le of 0.6, ....and the 1.6 Le woofer is going to be general sloping down of several db's in that 400-800 zone compared to the 0.6 Le woofer. The presence region becomes more difficult to control/maintain with a high inductance woofer voice coil, without a zobel. Or...use a woofer that has a low voice coil inductance..mabye 1.0mH or less. Of course once you add in baffle step and other factors, it is more involved; but voice coil inductance is an important aspect to consider.
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