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  1. Placement depends on the user. Some put the sub in a certain location due to room constraints, WAF, or for looks. Others spend a good amount of time in finding the ideal location. If your crossovers are set at 80 then only the sub is the source for the lower end. The KLF and + are probably crossing over between 65 and 90. But the lower end should be the +. Is the sub a PC+ built in amp or a CS+ external amp? Scott
  2. NatGun, Interesting perspective of SACD vs DVD-a and HD DVD vs blue-ray. I am a big fan of the SACD/DVDa/dual disc. The sound is so much better, in most cases, than the conventional CD. The big problem is too many choices and proprietary software formats. So now we have CD/DVD/DVDa/SACD/HDCD/HD DVD/Blue-Ray/Dual Disc Too many formats, too many units required to play the different formats, not enough time for the average consumer to understand the difference, shopping for the correct format may not be one stop shopping, retailers would most likely be reluctant to dedicate shelf space to so many formats, if the shelf space was dedicate retailers most likely would only carry the newest of the new releases. I say pump up the quality of the feature presentation and move the extra to another disc. The better solution would be to pick CD, DVD, DVDA, HD DVD and start pumping out a universal player.
  3. I feel it is too early to define any winner in the format war. The driving factor will ultimately be what format can supply the most cost effective product to the consumer. Early adopters will be the gadgeteers. One keey issue will be if one format supports analog outputs and if the other doesn't. I don't think the average consumer is willing to pay $500 for a HD DVD player when they can pick up a $30 dvd player at Wally World. If the industry can pump out decent HDTVs for $800 and HD DVD players that are backward compatible for $200 the avaerage consumer would be more apt to make the plunge. PS3. If Sony had released it earlier I would have considered it. But Xbox 360 has made in roads into my entertainment system. with the rumors of a price cut it leads me to believe there is a newer version of the 360 in the works. If the 360 can be hacked like the xbox and if it incorporates an HD DVD drive, there will be 2 new 360s in my house, replacing my current 360 and my dvd player upstairs. My prediction: Xbox with HD DVD, Halo 3 on HD DVD supporting analog TV and up to 1080p released a month before the PS3. Sony is just a little to late to the game console market this time and from the looks or it they are running a little late to the HD format market. It is not always about having the best product but getting the product to the market place and marketing the hell of it.
  4. Absolutely, the pB10 is a great little sub. Having had both I offer you my 2 cents. Even though the PB10 will keep up, now we are just talkig about the svs offerings, I feel the isd is a better match than the PB10, the + model would be a great match and the Ultra would be the perfect match. if the budget limits what you can spend on a sub it is a great choice. If there is any flexibility, any 12 inch woofer would be a better match. Scott
  5. If you are really interested in the Parasound A52 I am selling one for $1300 Scott
  6. Bruinsrme

    SVS subs

    I have had various models of SV Subs. My favorite is the PC Ultra (cylinder) which fits in my room nicely. The music reproduction in this model far exceeds the previous Plus and PCi models. With that said, there are a few posts in other forums that the Plus line has a ecently updaed driver which is supposedly giving the Ultra a run for its money. Not 100% sure on this but if you pop onto there website and drop them an email, I am sure hey will recommend the RIGHT product for you.
  7. Yeah I believe in ghosts. This is the only way I can explain how my money disappears so quickly. Go to bed a rich man - wake up a poor working slob. Scott
  8. Let your concerns be heard. Tell your lawmakers you want your grapes.... Finally Massachusetts lifted its Ban. Someone must of slipped the bill in there when Ted Kennedy was taking a power nap. http://www.freethegrapes.org/
  9. The RB75 is quite a speaker. Not sure how Klipsch was able to get the sound and performance out of these speakers but I am sure enjoying it. Toe in or Toe out it makes no difference. The sound is spread across the sound stage evenly and with amazing sound. When I had the RF7s up front I was also running a pair of RB75s as surrounds. After going from Klipsch to rockets and back to Klipsch I opted to go with RB75 upfront and boy am I glad I did. I loved the RF7s but I was getting headaches listening to them/ I love the way the system sounds for both music and theater. The 75 are a smoother in than the 7s and in my smallish theater they are a perfect compliment to the room. Having had the RF3, RF7 and now the RB75 and looking at the new line up it is a shame the 75 did not get the attention that it deserves. Amazing speaker in such a small package. Scott
  10. I would trust FEDEX or UPS more than I would the Navy contracted movers. Been there, done that and got the stretch marks to prove it.
  11. Too little too late, oh well
  12. There is a post over on the Hometheaterspot in the SVS forum that discusses these two subs. http://www.hometheaterspot.com/htsthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/786236/an/0/page/0#Post786236
  13. Today was play day. One of my friends from work came over to return a sub he was borrowing. He was kind enough to bring the Eagles Farewell tour dvd that he just picked up for his wife's birthday for me to sample. i felt kinda bad openning his wifes birthday gift before she actually got it. Well, that quickly passed. I popped the dvd in and the first thing I noticed was the video quality was actually very very good. The music started and I was extremely impressed with the sound quality of the DVD. The channel seperation is incredible. Wow. Of course I played it as, yeah whatever I am used to it. I have to say the Klipsch were simply fabulous. The detail or the small instruments was simply amazing. The sound of the violin, keyboard, cymbals, guitars and voices were great. My friend had borrowed it from another co-worker and he was coming back from buying it as stated above. He said he just had to hear it on my system. He was in AWE at how alive the recording sounded, the detail of the background instruments and how at even low to moderate volumes the Klipsch still pushed out the detail of the recording. all I can say is I am so happy I came back. Scott
  14. What i found, there were many great sounding speakers but none that came close to the livliness of Klipsch. That is what I missed most about the Klipsch. Now, I sit back and enjoy. Occassionaly I kick myself for buying, selling and rebuying but sometimes one must learn the hard way. Scott
  15. I went with a 90pound mount up just to be sure. Angle blocks of wood The tray does angle but with the height the monut is at the tilt exceeded the ability of the tray. The distance between the adjustment legs for the RC7 is wider than the tray so they are are useless hence the blocks of wood to help with the angling. Scott
  16. Yes I do. I have about 5 feet behind my plasma and had nowhere to put a center channel. So I got a tv mount that hangs from the ceiling. The mount easily hides itself. Just be sure the tray is large enough to adequate support the backof the RC7 where the adjustable bolts are. Mine tapers in the back making it impossilbe to use the adjustable bolts for angling, instead I built angled blocks of wood. Also, if you angle it you may opt go with one with a decent lip to prevent it from sliding off. If you do that place some rubber feet on the speaker side of the lip to reduce vibrations and be sure that the lip will fit between the grill posts. That way you can put the grill on and hide the lip. One last thing to think about. If you angle the RC7 you may want to fill the gap between the speaker and tray. This significantly reduced a hollow sound when playing at moderate and higher volumes. Hope this helps. Good luck Scott
  17. I shipped two Rocket 750s and two rss 300 which totaled 200 pounds from Massachusetts to NC and it shipped for $80 fedex ground.
  18. I was looking at the some new sub cables and noticed a variance in the conductor size. best deal cables conductor is only 23awg. Element cable is 18awg Cobalt cable is 22awg Better cable does not list Monster does not list Blue Jeans Cable 18awg Belden 1694A cable widely used 18awg. How important is the thickness of the conductor? Scott
  19. The RB75's grill sits flush. It was part of the cosemetic changes we saw in the 5 series, RF15,25,35 and RB75.
  20. Over at AVtalk there is a post that does state the Ultra bottomed out during the 105db 2M outside test. Then there was another post that stated the PCU bottomed out constantly with the gain set at half. No data just comments. Dr Who: cmon look at the president, the decisions he is making are out of this world. scott
  21. I wonder if this was the sub Paul was talking about. quote "DrWho this new member HTMAN21 has no idea about Klipsch subs as you can read in his posts,Sub12 outperforms rsw series.I can tell by his postings he is a new member here to Push SVS sub sales. "
  22. Hi Paul having had 3 Ultras (still have two) I have yet to bottom them out. Do you recall where you read the TV-12 tends to bottom out more often and easier that an everyday subwoofer. I really have tried to bottom the Ultras out but to date have failed to do so and would enjoy reading how people are doing achieving this. thanks Scott
  23. Keep your eyes open for sales on the older reference series stuff, as the dealers make room for the new line Scott
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