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  1. Hello, I have the new cinema 1200 and previous to the firmware update everything was working fine. This thing sounds amazing and way better htan the bose 700 After performing the update the firmware readings for WIFI does not show any number next to it at all ....not one digit or dot and sur R00 which should be a different reading just says WIFI. it is almost the like bar is doesn't have wifi anymore after running the update. I have tried to do the second update several times with 8 different flash drives all formatted to fat32 and several sizes from 100 mb to 8gb. I have tried the factory resets and bricked soundbar instructions as well and they dont work at all.I have tried to roll back per the email Klipsch sent and it cant even do the wifi aspect update at all. Almost the like internal driver for it is gone. is there any way to make every reading below read back to zero and start from scratch and reinstall or reactivate specifically the wifi or a way to turn on wifi on or reinstall only this driver through other means. Direct ethernet connection to router with a cable, wps, and Bluetooth don't work either as they are usually on the same driver and chip and it looks like sur r00 is problematic as well. This is exactly without deviation how it looks through the firmware listings EXACTLY AS BELOW there is nothing next to the wifi section because nothing is showing other than 4 letters "WIFI" when scrolling through firmwares. in other words it is showing no firmware want to specifically install that firmware to turn it back on This is exactly the way it looks when reading firmware...... MCU v92 > WIFI> DSP 4.9 > SUR T80 > SUR R00 > SUR L80 > SUB T03 > SUB R06 > HDMI 43 You guys have any suggestions to somehow gert wifi and Sur R Back? thank you guys for all your help
  2. Hello, I had an issue with mine. I tried to install the firmware and it hung up on the 2nd part(wifi) shows mcu v92,Wifi(no numbers at all) DSP 4.9, sur t80, Sur r00, sur L80, sub T03 Rub r06. Already mounted on wall . Tested everything prior to update and was working, connected to internet and bluetooth. Now cant connect to internet through wifi or cat 5e cable, canyt engage searching for Bluetooth device no matter how long i hold it, still has static on surrounds. Already tried to roll back through link given by Klipsch, already tried, factory reset, already tried about 10 flash drives...not joking formatted to fat32 multiple sizes below 8 gb and cant get the wifi update to take any ideas is there like a master file that will reinstall the entire operating system? all other insputs work, but it is wifi bluetooth related as they are usully the same drivers
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