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  1. Thanks for the advice folks! They turned out great.
  2. jason str , Yes... am holding the speaker leaning down while scraping. Can I use acetone on the cover? Is it "felt"?
  3. The dust covers on both KG3's had separated. Only about 1/2 inch was still attached on each. I removed them both. So now as I await the arrival of glue, I wonder about cleaning the surfaces. I started removing glue from the cone with an exacto knife. Essentially this amounted to "lifting" glue from the surface to avoid any scratching. Quite a time consuming task. Is it necessary? Also, re the dust covers, they have glue on them as well. Any advice on removal of old glue on cone and dust cover? Is it necessary? If so, would carefully applied heat from a hair dryer speed up removing glue from the cone? I definitely don't want to use solvents on the cone but can I dissolve the glue on the felt dust covers? I notice the top of the driver (sorry if not correct term..) down inside has a sort of frosty corrosion looking blotches.... leave alone? The cones move freely, quietly and seem to be in great shape. Suspension rings are fine, no signs of any wear or damage........ Thanks very much for your responses...
  4. Hi all. I just acquired a pair of KG3's and on both the center paper/fiber appears to have come unglued from the center of the poly cone. Should I simply try to reglue? If so, what kind of glue should I use? The cones seem fine. The foam suspending the cones seems fine. So would this repair be worth a try? I want to resell the speakers so if my repair doesn't restore the sound up to standards, I will be looking for original woofer replacements... Advice/info very much appreciated.
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