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  1. Hey. Since you were previously talking about stands and seeing that you are a Heritage member, I thought to ask a question: I am probably going to be getting the Forte IV but I am not that happy with it's plinth, unlike the handsome one on the previous Forte III, this one on the IV's seems less like a plinth and more like just a riser or sorts, or just four 2x2. I would like to raise the Forte IV up a little more, maybe about 2" to 4" and have a slight 15 degree tilt backwards. I like to create a plinth like the Forte III for the IV's any suggestions on how to do this? Should I remove the risers on the IV's all together and secure a 2" to 4" thick base to the speaker? Maybe make the base a little shorter and install four sound isolation feet and just adjust their height forward and back to get the speaker cabinet to have a back tilting 15 degree angle?
  2. Hey. I just demoed both the Klipsch Forte IV and the KLH Models 5. Liked both. Deciding...But I know what you mean about the Forte IV, the mid range seemed "in the cabinet," in other words, a bit too laid back. But the last time I demoed them I had the salesperson hook them up to an integrated with an EQ. I EQed the midrange and it indeed opened up and sounded great. According to it's midrange measurements, there is a a little recess there, but it comes before the crossover so using EQ does help; however, the first time I heard them in the store they were set up about 12" from the wall, and the last time they were a little over 3' away from the wall. At times I put the EQ back to neutral and it still sounded very good. I think the closer you get them to the wall, the excess bass energy dulls the midrange opposed to the last time I heard them they were about 3 feet from the wall and the mids sang and opened up. How far out from the wall? This is where I am at, I don't know how close or far I "should'' place them from the wall. But all rooms and all people's hearing is subjective. The KLH Model 5 is a sealed cabinet design and performed very, very well, but still it's not as big sounding as the Forte IV's. Regarding amps, I have a vintage that should pair very well with them and I'll upgrade later to a class A with a tube preamp.
  3. Hello and Happy Holidays fellow Klipschians This is primarily for Forte owners, but I will also like to hear from Cornwall owners. I am finally in a position to get the Klipsch Forte IV. I demoed them back to back w/ the new KLH Model 5. I like both, but those horns have my soul. My problem is the placement of that rear radiator on the Forte from the wall. I am curious what results you all are getting and please include the decor of your room (hardwood, carpet, wall type, dimensions if you can, etc). Here are the dimensions of my basement: 25'Lx14.5'Wx68"tall (drop ceiling). Listening distance, about 10' to 13' (depending how far I have the speakers from the wall of course). Room is carpeted, paneling, and furnished. Potential Problem/Concern? I have a baseboard radiator made of some sort of metal. I am concerned if I don't get the speakers far enough away from the wall I may get some sound oscillation thereby causing the baseboard to vibrate and make a clanging sound. Maybe I am wrong, and I don't know much about the physics of sound waves, but it seems logical to think such a problem has the probability to occur. The Forte's have a depth of 13" and I am willing to pull them out a whole speaker depth from the wall, in other words 13" to 15" from the wall, any further would put the speakers in the walking path in the room. So enter the KLH Model 5: These guys are a sealed cabinet design with a possible more friendly placement arrangement than the Forte. If I have to go that route then I'll just have to save up for the Cornwall IV with its front ported design. I know this will be all trial and error and I expect that is going to be the majority of advice I get from everyone but I am hoping to get someone that can reply with a mathematical mindset giving me a statistical probability approach that will either yield: "yes I will have a problem" or "no you should be fine" answer. Thanks to you all. Happy Listening. Mark
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