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  1. I'm debating between bookshelf speakers on stands (RP-600M) versus towers (RP-8000f) for our home Klipsch theater setup. The room is far from ideal (see a 3D render of it here), but we've managed to get decent sound out of it using acoustic treatments. Usage is 90% movies and 10% music. I'm currently running two subs (an SVS PB-1000 and a PB-2000) and a RC-62 II center. I'm using R-41Ms for the rear surrounds, and RS-42IIs for the sides. My AVR is a Denon AVC-X6400H. More details here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1eLmx5HNNjzydWHAAcOWziCxmLRr3R07FSw1zoJY9tDU/edit#slide=id.g109fb07568f_1_21
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