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  1. Interesting. I have seen others that preferred the c7 to the kv4.
  2. I have 4 heresy’s (a pair each of the 1 and 2) . I run the 2s with a heresy 1 as center and thought it was okay but I wanted a smaller center so I could use my tv stand. I had the academy paired with the heresy 1s and thought that sounded really good too. Tbh, I didn’t think I was missing that much with the academy instead of the 3 heresy LCR. EDIT: I haven’t tried the C7 with the heresy.
  3. Over the last year, I’ve collected a number of heritage speakers (heresy, CW, CH, Forte and the KLF). Always managed to find an academy and a C7. I got the C7 for the KLF and the academy for the heritage (and extended heritage speakers). Most of my speakers are oak/walnut aside my chorus. So for aesthetics, I used the C7 with the Chorus. I was pleasantly surprised. To my ears, the C7 sounds blends in so much better with my chorus. Dialogue is clearer. Sound is fuller. It just seems to pair better with the chorus. I’m curious what other peoples experiences are. if it matters, I’m running a 5.1 (with heresy surrounds)
  4. Look forward to it. Looking for a center to pair with Klf 30s
  5. How does this compare to the C7 since you have both?
  6. Thanks. If we were to take money out of the equation, which one is better?
  7. Was planning on buying the RF7 III but a pair of KLF 30s popped up on near me. For those who’ve had a chance to compare these, which one is better…both for music (30%) and HT (70%). Thanks.
  8. Thanks, Bruce. I tried it with some high frequency music. It’s working. Thanks everyone for the help.
  9. Yes, both speakers have no sound. I’ll try playing something different to see if it works. I’ve had the speakers for a while. Just noticing today
  10. Someone explain this to me so I don’t think I have faulty speaker. the tweeter (the one at the top) produces no sound…just a very subtle hiss. All the vocals seem to come from the midrange horn. Woofer works fine. is this normal?
  11. Bought my first pair of heresy 1s not too long ago and would like to buy another pair of heresy, Cornwall etc. anything better than the heresy. I would be interested in a single heresy too. Located in AB, Canada. Can pick up if in AB or arrange shipping from other provinces.
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