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  1. Thanks a lot for this advice, this makes sense. I think just looking at watts is a rookie temptation I will have to remind myself to try and avoid. But what do you look for when trying to see if an amp is high "quality". Maybe the total harmonic distortion (THD)? Thank you so much, such a thoughtful response I have gone back and looked at all the respective spec sheets for the AMPs I was considering, some of the manufacturing labeling is quite deceiving. Looking at RMS over the correct range of 20-20k hz is key, I can see where sometimes it is very confusing (possibly on purpose). I took your advice and looking back at the emotiva, they thankfully list their models at 20-20k hz. The BasX A2 model drives 160 w over 2 channels driven and the aforementioned XPA-2 model drives 300 watts (also listed over the 20-20Hz). I think I'm going to go with the Emotiva, they seem to just have more power than other companies and are quite transparent with their numbers which I like. It seems like all their amps also have THD <.1 so I don't think im sacrificing much quality either
  2. So..... I have spent now hours trying to find the right answer to this question as I'm sure many of you can understand. Matching an AMP to the RP-8000F speakers. My concerns are most of what I read online says to get an amp that can push 1.5 - 2 X the wattage that the speaker can produce. Most of the responses to message boards I see online say anything close to the wattage of the speaker should be fine for Klipsch due to their efficiency, but I would like more specific direction. I have a large room that is about 20x30. The owners manual for the RP-8000F says reads: "Klipsch speakers are highly efficient and will operate easily on a wide variety of amplifiers. All Klipsch speakers are 8-ohm compatible and can be driven to very high levels with low distortion. Due to the high output levels Klipsch speakers are capable of reproducing, exercise caution with the volume control. Excessive volume over long periods can permanently damage your hearing. Overdriving your amplifier could also damage your speakers. Check with your dealer or amplifier manual to make sure your particular amplifier is best suited to your application. We want you listening for a lifetime." So really I'm down to a few choices at this point The yamaha A-S801 which drives 8 ohms at 140 watts per channel or something more powerful like Emotiva XPA-2 which drives 300 watts per channel Help
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