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  1. Hey 8 Ohms . I was wondering if you received your new deck yet. I ordered mine a month ago and have heard nothing yet.
  2. Thanks to all for your insight. I've ordered the SL1210GR. I decided to go with black since I've been looking at the silver for over 40 yrs. I'm hoping to replicate Islander's experience, we'll see how it goes. It's hard to find them so I have it on backorder, hope it doesn't take too long. I'll let you folks know how it goes, thanks again for all your help.
  3. Thank you for the detailed info.
  4. Yes, I think you're pickin up what I'm layin down.
  5. Hi. Thanks for all the input. My current TT, the Sl1800 is the Mk1 so no quartz drive. I am running the 2m bronze on it and as the cartridge is fairly new I plan on using it on the next turntable. The as2200 has a good mm phono stage and a mc phono stage that I haven't heard yet. I think there may be some issue with the anti-skating on my 1800 since when the tonearm is free floating with or without the headshell with or without tracking force applied the arm hangs out in the middle of the platter and doesn't drift towards the rest no matter where I set the anti-skate. Also since I have the 2m bronze, I would like to be able to adjust the VTA which you can't do on the 1800 unless you do the mat changing thing and all that. But the 1800 still plays well and sounds good. Guess I'm just wondering if going to the 1200GR using the 2m bronze and the existing MM phono stage on the as2200 (which I think is an excellent phono stage) and gaining ability to adjust VTA, newer circuitry ( rather than taking the 1800 to the shop for a tune up) and having an anti-skate that I know is working would this improve the sound? Maybe this is a case of you won't know unless you try. Probably still having upgradeitis.
  6. Hi. I'm a new member but have been following the forum for a little while. I am thinking about upgrading my turntable. My current is a technics SL1800 MK1 that I purchased back in 78. Still running fine. Since I've upgraded the rest of my system I'm thinking it may benefit from a new tt. Started by looking at the technics SL 1200GR. Like the 1800 it appears to be be built like a tank, but I don't think I really need built like a tank. So I'm looking for something that is a sonic improvement ( I don't know if the SL1200GR is going to sound better or not, maybe one of you fine folks can enlighten me). I don't like the looks of the planars or uturns, too minimalist looking to me. I have an Ortofan 2m bronze that I can use on the new tt. I'd like to stay in the price range of the SL1200GR or maybe up to 2 grand. The rest of my kit is, a pair of Forte IVs, Yamaha AS 2200 amp, Yamaha CD S1000, HSU ULS15 MK2 sub and a blue node 2. I like to listen to Seeger, Steely Dan, Chicago, Supertramp, Paul Simon etc. Any sharing of insight or experiences is greatly appreciated.
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