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  1. Hi, Short answer: No. But I guess you just have to try. I've had my Klipsch Stadium for 2 years. Bluetooth audio lags 200 ms or so. Useless for audio/video.. I had to reset to unit a few times to make it display the firmware page, so I could set up wifi. It was a bit nerve wrecking. It turned out Wifi performed worse than BT. Then I remembered I had a few long, active USB cables and a little Dragonfly USB DAC... that is the way to go! Bluetooth audio was a "nice to have" when having friends over. At some point this feature just stopped working (maybe after a power out - I don't know), and Wifi LED is now blinking orange (I've covered it with black tape for a year...) It appears to pair with BT devices, but speaker stays quiet. Wifi LED is always blinking orange, when cycling through 3 sound inputs. LED is supposed to change to blue color when Bluetooth is active, I believe. Fortunately, RCA cabled input works just fine. I do not dare to reset the unit as I'm afraid to brick it. I love the Stadium... If it stopped working I would have to spend a lot of money achieving that concert like feeling in my 500 sqft living room (and I'd have to redecorate it too). Best of luck. P.S. I considered buying a second hand Stadium for a family member - a unit that had the same blinking orange led error - but we weren't able to make it play using RCA input.
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