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  1. @Edgar good info. My assumption was port volume was the key parameter.
  2. My source is a Luxman D-03X CD player and a Bluesound Vault 2i. The integrated amplifier is a Luxman L-509X. Interconnects and speaker wire are Clarus Aqua.
  3. My attempt at measuring the volume of one port of a Cornwall IV comes up with a little over 750mL or 45.77 cubic inches. The pictures show 750mL of water in the port.
  4. The only thing I can think of is screwing the port down and sealing it against a board and filling it up with water and measuring the volume of water. Not so sure I want to go to the trouble?
  5. I am thinking that you are correct and I may just put them back together and leave everything alone!
  6. The banana plugs are for jumpers. If I replace the binding posts, I will probably tie everything together on 2 posts instead of 4 and eliminate the jumpers.
  7. They are not keyed into the plates and they spin before the speaker wires are tightened sufficiently (in my opinion). They are also too shallow to fully seat a banana plug. The post inside the cabinet looks to be about a number 6 or 8 machine screw size.
  8. I have decided to not add any damping. I will trust the engineer knows more than I and they are voiced properly.
  9. I am replacing the binding posts. While inside the cabinet, I noticed lots of undamped space. I am tempted to add some 1/2" foam on the rear panel. But then again, I figure the panel was left uncovered for a reason. Has anyone added damping to a Cornwall IV, and if so, how did it turn out? Where did you add damping? What kind of material?
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