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  1. You are absolutely right. Thanks for the heads-up. A similar effect applies for the Forte IV. A little more linear than the III but still. The measurement of the IV shows a rather wavy impedance curve, which then increasingly rises in the horns' area of responsibility. In order for this not to be reflected in increasing levels, the (tube) amp must already exert a certain control, which some small output transformers simply do not have. The impedance drops to 3 ohms at 300 hertz. At 100 Hertz, the amplifier power supply is loaded with an EPDR value of not even 1 Ohm. Only a few amps can cope with this. This said, one should pay attention to a lightning-fast pulse processing. Perhaps this is the reason why certain dealers have recommended powerful amplifiers such as Cambridge Audio 851W. strong output power can increase much also the impedance processing. Or in Tubes this would speak for something like the 805A triode.But I now actually see a certain risk in the area of tubes as well.
  2. Thank you! Willsenton sounds like an option, indeed. I have not been in tubes yet, but I am actially leaning towards it.Whereas I almost like the Willsenton r800i even better. That one comes in 2 versions; B300 845 and 805. I understood that, the 845 tube would be better than 805 for high sensitive speakers like ours. I'm still too little into it for a rolling, but i'm getting there.
  3. I am also convinced of this. Just strange that a dealer offered me a Class D with 2*350 wpc as an alternative to the Pioneer. He said I needed a very powerful SS for the Klipsch. Which is total nonsense at 99db. Thanks for the confirmation.
  4. Thank you claytonpd. This is exactly what I thought and I really like the Parasound sound. Unfortunately I can not test it here but I keep the Hint6 times on the shortlist. I have heard so far only good.
  5. Hi to you all. I am brand new to this forum and would like to thank the community in advance for all the great information I have already found here. I'm turning to you because I'm pretty disappointed with my local hifi-specialists. It seems that no one really knows how to approach the Fortes. I am looking for a suitable solution for my stereo setup. I currently have a Denon AV amp (6500) with enough power that I use for home cinema. I have a 9.1 T+A HighEnd Speaker environment set up which is great for cinema. The FL and FR are my Klipsch Forte 4. Since a few month I use 95% of my audio-time with the Fortes for music only. All kinds of sources but i have not connected my MM yet. The readon is part of this inquiry. And surprise surprise; I can't get the quality and depth out of the highly digitized Denon that I'd like to give the Fortes to sound as they should. Stereo sounds flat, cramped, at the limit, the highs struggle and the basses drive in the minimum. Mids are ok. I had already connected and tested various integrated amps and power amps to my preout and tested them, and the result was what I had hoped for. But I have not found the perfect match. Now the question is, if you could give me a recommendation from your side? I'm wavering between a power amp and an integrated amp with tone control and, if possible, a bypass for the tone control. Tone control therefore, because I want to re-define the linear sound of the Denon myself. Bypass/Tone Off because I would like to integrate the Speakers into my 9.1 setup, obviously. Of course, this is not possible with the PowerAmp. Of course there is also the question of Tube, Class A, Class AB etc. But there I am rather stress-free. As long as my Fortes are served well. But dize matters to me. I would like an amplifier in the standard hi-fi size, not a Mini or Compact sized device. I have a nice and ventilated cabinet. My budget is somewhere around 2500 USD / 3000€. But currently i am running circles. Integrated amp vs. power amp ? And if Power Amp, which one and if Integrated which design (Hybrid?) Or even a Vintage Device such as the Pioneer SA 9500ii ? Nice device but my local hifi-geek does not recommend it for my purpose (!?). He recomments the Cambridge 851W which is a 350WpC Power Amp. Foes this make sense? Not to me (yet). Long story short,I am grateful for any advise to make my decision easier and help me out of this forest. Btw; listened to T+A Class A which was good but unfortunately not perfect from a connectivity poit of view (no main In). Parasound Hint 6, Magnat MA 900, Vincent 237 Hybrid might be something? But the differences in performance and features are so enormous that I am confused. Only Parasound provides Tone Control and even SubOut. But I can't test it over here. Any hints, ideas, suggestions? Thanks Peter Catta
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