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  1. @tigerwoodKhorns Thank you for the link! How much did you pay for the custom forte badges? i came to the conclusion that i will at first try out and measure my stock crossover and if it doesn't measure or sound right i will try both oil caps and the JEM kit out and A/B them to find out my personal preference. @Budman i thought about crites, but since i want to keep the speakers as original as possible i think that i won't be satisfied with a completely new crossover. I might buy a used original crossover tho, if my original one is working good, so i can recap the used one and change between them. Anyhow will receive my CWs in a week or two, so then i will know more and i keep you guys updated with the process. Until then: enjoy your Klipsch and keep on rocking!
  2. @geoff. yes i will definitely check and try them before buying the new cap kit. Regarding potential updates i would rather keep them as original as possible, because they are my first Klipsch and i want to hear them as PWK intended them to sound. The previous owner is selling the NAD gear separately for 600€. I'm a huge vintage fan, so unfortunately they look to modern for me.. I will pair them with my Marantz 2265b, 2230, 2270 and my HK 930 and find out my favorite match first. Afterwards my next big step will be some vintage tube gear, something like a Mcintosh MC225 or Fisher 500. @tigerwoodKhorns Thank you for the link, those Cornwall badges are really nice, i might buy them in the future, but first i will look out for some used original ones. I also read about the PIO caps, but they aren't available in the same capacity as the original ones, i guess.. i might try them out tho. i'm writing with @KT88 at the moment and he's giving really helpful insights on the topic, so at the moment it's pretty tough for me to decide, but i will keep you guys updated on the process, once my CWs have arrived 👍🏼
  3. This is all i have, but my brother in law told me they were good locking without any major flaws. The guy i bought them from bought them new in 1979 and he never opened them. He also never cleaned them as you can see, so i can't wait to clean, oil and wax them and make them shine and sing again! Does anybody know, if you can buy some used or NOS Klipsch badges for my CWs? How do i clean the grills?
  4. @KT88 Thank you for the nice long answer! I don't know which type of capacitor i need, because i dont have the cornwalls yet. My brother in law bought them, stored them and plans to bring them to me in mid february. I really can't wait to hear them, hope they will fulfill my expectations. I'm not a pro in soldering but i tried it a few times and when i see pictues of the crossover i'm pretty confident, that i can make it on my own :'D. I had further contact with Jim from JEM Performance and he told me that he could ship the parts with DHL for very high shipping costs, so i asked him to ship them in a envelope instead and i'm now waiting for him to receive the quote for an envelope. Do the capacitors you've mentioned really have the exact same values as the ones from JEM? @geoff. i will now post some photos from my cornwalls to get my post count up, thank you!
  5. Hey fellow annoying neighbors, I've been reading in this forum for quite a while now and i will finally receive a pair of '79 Klipsch Cornwalls next month. They're very very rare in germany, i bought them for a very good price and the condition is great, so i couldn't be happier. My only concern is that the crossover may need some replacement parts. So i reached out to Jim from JEM performance, because i only want Klipsch approved quality, and he told me that at the moment there would be no way to ship the parts outside of the US.. Since i have nobody in the US and i don't plan visiting in the near future i want to ask if anybody out of this forum is willing to help me get the parts to germany.. I will pay upfront and if there's anything special from germany that you want i will ship it to you. Please hmu if you're that guy, or if you have a solution for my little problem. In the meantime keep on rocking and don't listen to Bullsh*t ! Best regards and greetings from good ol germany, Nik
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