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  1. Scrappydue, I have the same concern about placing the RB so up high and close together. I know speakers are generally placed below or on the sides of a TV. One option is to place them below the TV behind the cabinet doors. reference_head, The room has some echo. Sound treating (like carpeting the wall) this living room is not an option... My current speakers are the 7.1 all in one onkyo package and I only use two of the seven speakers Anything from the reference series will surely sound better than what I have.
  2. 20' ceiling. I shot the photo from the dining room. The living room is 16' X 30' x 20'. Its back is open to the dining room and the left side is open to the walkway, so it is a big open space. When I was testing the Polk, I would sit where the square side table is. It just did not sound right. By the way, I had a pair of KLF-20 before the Polk. They sounded worse than the Polk.
  3. This is a photo of my living room. I originally planned to put the TV on top of the fireplace mantle but there is too much glare from the windows above the doors. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35348401/livingRoom.jpg The current plan is to leave the TV as is. This is only a 43" TV. A new 60" TV will fill that opening nicely. The bookshelf speakers will be on the two top shelves. I may place the sub at the right corner when not in use and bring it to the center when in use. The two floorstanding speakers along with SVS PB 10 will go to the master bedroom. The speakers are polk rti 12. The room is just too big for them. And the space has too many shapes and opening. Even with two SVS subs, the bass is just so so but not great.
  4. It is for movies. The TV sits in the middle of a built in bookcase. There is no room for floor standing speakers on either side. The La Scala are nice but they are too bulky to my wife's taste...
  5. Hi all, I have a large living room (16 X 30). Just wonder which RB series will go well with my SVS 12" cylinder sub (25-31). RB-61 or RB-81? Thanks. Scott
  6. I was going thru some older posts and found theEAR to be an expert on subwoofers. Just wonder where he is now....
  7. Hi Bill, No, I did not get a chance to pair A250 with the Polk because I sold it on CL after knowing that it was not a good match with KLF. The residual sound drainage is also a big turn-off for me. KLF-20 has 2 X 10" woofers. It hits lower than the Polk. But the Polk has more bass output and it is a lot tighter. It is probably due to the use of 3 X 7" woofers. But I do miss the "live" sound from horns. That is why I would like to demo RF-83 or RF-63. Scott
  8. I have the opportunity to own the above amps. The speakers driven by these amps are KLF-20. I like hip hop, so my review is based on that kind of music. QSC RMX 1450 -- This amp has a better mid than my Onkyo 8050 receiver. At high volume, the Onkyo can sound a little harsh but QSC does not have that problem. However, this amp has a not-so-quite cooling fan. The noise floor is quite high, too. Overall, it is not a huge upgrade from the Onkyo receiver. Acurus A250 -- I got this amp from a forum member and listened for a week and did not hook it up again. It has more bass than the QSC but it makes my KLF sound like a boom box. The bass just sounds like boom boom. Very un-natural. The highs are very harsh. Not my cup of tea. Harman Kardon Signature 1.5 -- The moment I hooked up this amp, I can understand what the warm sound people are saying about HK amps. The sound is full and the bass is not overwhelming . Nice balance. Emotiva XPA-2 -- It is a very heavy amp. This can be a disadvantage if you don't have a sliding rack. The sound is very dynamic. It is a nice sounding amp but it does not sound as warm/laid back as the HK amp. I am still trying to figure if I want to keep the HK or Emotiva. If the audio quality is closely comparable, I may just keep the HK amp for its lighter weight. My back will thank me By the way, I recently bought a pair of Polk RTI12 to replace my KLF-20. Sorry guys. Fry’s had a deal on them two weeks ago that I could not refuse. Believe or not, the bass from the Polk actually has more punch (very fast) than the KLF-20. Even at high volume, the Polk still sounds very linear. The highs don't have that "live" horn characteristics though. My wife much prefers the Polk to the KLF because of its slim front profile. My next move is probably to compare the RF-83/63 to the Polk. That is all for now. Happy listening.
  9. Onyko has network receivers. They can connect to the network wirelessly.
  10. What speakers do you use? I thought about gfa 555 but some people on this forum complain that gfa 555 is on the bright side. So I am not sure...
  11. What do you think about Carver TFM series, NAD 2200 series, ADCOM gfa and Marantz MA500 or MA700? They are within my price range.
  12. Hi all, I just bought a pair of KLF-20 from a forum member. I have an old Harman AV receiver (AVR-45), which has pre-out, but it is not powerful enough to power them. So I am shopping for either an amp or a receiver. For the receiver, I am thinking about Harman HK-3490 (120W/ch). It costs about $280. For the amp, I am thinking NAD 2200 or others. Jeff Tubbs has been very kind on giving me some advice. What other amps would be a good match? My budget is under $400. Do you think that an external amp will be much better than HK-3490? Thanks. Scott
  13. I had a RW-12D at my house for a week. It is a pretty good HT sub but not so good for music. The bass is not tight at all. It just does not have chest-pounding quick impact in playing music. Just two cents. Scott
  14. hi all, I am looking for a new receiver. Probably Harman Kardon 3490. The HK 3490 has a set of preouts and they are hardwired to the amp in. I have a pair of speakers in the living room and a pair in the patio. How do I add an external amp to power the living room speakers while using the receiver to power the patio speakers? I am also interested in Onkyo TX-8050 (network stereo receiver). The Onkyo has more preouts and a zone 2 control. I will eventually add an external amp to power my living room speakers. Is one better than the other if they are used as a preamp? Thanks, Scott
  15. Hi all, People are saying that the RF-83 needs a big room to breathe. My room is 15' X 30' with a 20' ceiling. The speakers will be placed halfway along the long wall. Which model suits better in my room? Thanks. Scott
  16. Hi all, I have a newbie question. If I only have a stereo receiver which has a sub output, is that sub signal the same as the sub signal in a 5.1 receiver when watching movies. How about a 3.1 (two fronts, one center and one sub)? What are the pros and cons compared to a 2.1 system? Thanks. Scott
  17. I am really upset by uBid. The speakers were not in their orginal packing condition. The uBid people actually put pieces of broken foam blocks around the speakers and shipped them. The boxes were in very bad shape when I received them. Both speakers were damaged at the corners and edges. Some of the damages were caused by the shipping while some were not. uBid actually shipped broken speakers to me while they said the speakers were new. I am going to return the speaker immediately. Do you guys know which agency I can file compliants against uBid? This is not the first time they screwed me. I won an auction for an Infinity subwoofer at a low price a month ago and uBid told me that they were out of stock a week later. Besides all the frustration, I do like the sound of RP-3. I am just wondering how you guys compare a pair of RP-3 to a pair of RF-3 II plus a subwoofer. I know some of you have changed from RP-3 to RF-3 II. How is the bass of RP-3 comparing to a KSW-12? Please give your comments here. Thanks. Scott
  18. Hi all, I just won an auction on uBid for a pair of RP-3. Currently, I don't have any setup for the new speakers. So I am shopping for the following: 1. Receiver. My budget is under $500. A 5.1 receiver is fine for me because I won't hook up the surround speakers anyway. So if I can save a few bucks by getting a 5.1 instead of 6.1, I am happy with it. I am looking at brands like Denon, Harman, and Onkyo. Can you give me some suggestions on those brands? 2. Also, I am planning to buy it online, but I heard that there is something called "A" stock and "B" stock. How can you tell which is "A" stock? Where is a good source to get a receiver from online? 3. Cables. What cables do I need? What grade? I am just a beginner on A/V. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. Thank you for your replies in advance. Scott
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