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  1. [Unexplained reference to a eBay peddler deleted]
  2. Thanks guys , very important advices. My system : Behemoths CW4 McIntosh MC275 tube power amp McIntosh C2600 Tube preamp Clearaudio Tonearm Virtuoso MM Cart Audiomods Carbon 6th series tonearm + Clearaudio Essence MC cartridge Revox B77 HS Reel to Reel new Yamaha CD 2100 Primare Prisma streamer mkII Yamaha NS901 Soavo speakers McIntosh MC152 power transistor amp is on the way
  3. Hi dear friends, Just arrived my new behemoths CW4 absolutely new! I would like to customize and make sound even better, however I am very happy. Just one idea has come to separate mid compression mid and titanium tweeter, I think would be great if I do horns with real wood. It will look like super horn speakers. If you do know some companies who is doing some CW4 details as hi end tweets mid or some accessories pls let me know. David
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