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  1. Very nice find. I'm interested regardless of finish. Pics would be nice to see at this point......
  2. Thanks again for all the support during this sale. A very nice Forum member and Klipsch aficionado came to the house this afternoon and purchased the speakers. We very carefully packed and loaded them for him to drive home. Very sorry to see them go, but I am certain they are going to a very good home where they will continue to be appreciated.
  3. Thank you all for the very kind comments regarding these La Scala and your well-wishes and offers of help with respect to this sale. They have been a wonderful speaker to own and I have become a huge fan of the Heritage Series. Our new home will have room for 2 systems, one upstairs and one downstairs. I expect both systems will employ Heritage models, as I have geared my electronics toward high-efficiency speakers. I just need something a bit less heavy so that I can move them around a little bit so as to enjoy them when sitting on the deck, on the patio under the deck, or on the dock. The only problem with these La Scala is they are genuinely too heavy to move, especially on wood floors. I need a bit more flexibility as I get older with how I enjoy my music systems. I have watched this forum as a guest for several years. I look forward to remaining a member of the Heritage community as I move forward with different speakers. Thanks again
  4. After much deliberation, I have decided to sell my 2017 La Scala II speakers. Most of my decision is based on an upcoming move in mid-May and, due largely to their physical size and weight, I really don't want to move these speakers to our new home. I purchased them as brand new, factory sealed, B stock from a dealer in Wisconsin. The B stock designation has nothing to do with damage and everything to do with the finish. They have been used with quality electronics including Luxman integrated (20WPC Class A), Modwright pre amp, and First Watt power amp (25WPC Class A). As to the finish, the dealer I purchased these from told me Klipsch used leftover veneer from the "limited production" 70th Anniversary La Scala (Australian Walnut) for this pair of non-70th Anniversary speakers. The images show this pair with serial numbers ending in 001 and 002. I do not know how many pairs of these speakers were made with this veneer, so the serial numbers should not be considered as representing rarity for this version. While the workmanship on these speakers is entirely first-rate, you will note the veneer is not book-matched. I suspect that is due to the use of the leftover veneer. The pictures illustrate this, as well as the beauty and condition of these speakers. They are in perfect condition with no imperfections of any kind (beyond the non-standard veneer). They have not been moved since being originally placed. Boxes are in like-new condition and all paperwork received with the speakers conveys with the purchase. Price is $4,500. These speakers are located (and have been used) in my smoke-, child-, and pet-free home and always used by "older" responsible adults. Never played to excess or abused in any fashion. These will require pickup from my home outside Knoxville, Tennessee. I will be glad to help with the very careful packing and loading. I have no interest in shipping these due to the potential for damage or loss during transit. Lastly, it is likely obvious that I am not an expert in either Klipsch or La Scala speakers. Please consider all discussion regarding the use of the 70th Anniversary version veneer as anecdotal. I've only represented what I was told during the transacted sale. If you have questions, please PM me. Thanks.
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