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  1. I am 350 hours in on breaking the speakers. At this point I cannot tell if the change in sound is due to break in or because of changes I have made. Since my last post I have removed everything from between the speakers and placed two 24 X 48 diffusers. This has made amazing difference. Soundstage is better and I think music has opened up. Bass is tight and precise but not boomy. This weekend I am going to try and push the speaker towards corners and see at what point do I feel the bass is too much or boomy. I think at this point I am just experimenting for fun. The sound I am getting is fantastic. I cannot wait to get the Decware in October!
  2. Thanks for all the replies. So a small update. Cornwalls are in the HOUSE!!! I was lucky enough to get demo unit which was very new. Just about 10-20 hours play time. However the dealer gave me 25% discount!!!! I have been breaking them in for past week. Here is what I have observed: 1. The sound difference from 10-20 hours to 75 hours was very noticeable. 2. After 100 to 250 hours I could not make out that much difference. 3. At about 250 hours yesterday I did notice difference. It is sounding much better. Mainly I can make out that bass has cleaned up a lot. I do understand it could be just me getting used to the sound. So not a scientific statement here. 4. I still have 6 months wait before I get my Decware Torri Jr so currently I am using Willsenton R8. I am amazed by the sound. I wonder how much better Decware be? And yes I do understand Willsenton is not neutral sound. 5. Next year I do want to add a non tube amp. I am not sure what pairs well. Maybe PassLabs INT25? As for placement and sound absorption: 1. I have similar experience as @jcn3 . It sounded better without bass trap. 2. Its toed in to cross a foot or two behind me. Just to my shoulders. 3. I tried it with 45 degree toe in. Sound was interesting and holographic but my preference is the way it is now. 4. I do have absorption on my first reflection point on side wall and ceiling. Corner Bass traps have moved behind me. The corner bass straps are absorber diffuser type from Gik https://www.gikacoustics.com/product/corner-ct-alpha-bass-trap-absorber-diffusor/ Right now things are sounding the best they have. However...... everyone in the house is annoyed with me. Dog thinks I am neglecting her. Wife is sick of hearing Jazz radio play from morning to night every day as I break in speaker. But I have a smile on my face....which does not help lol. I don't think I am done experimenting yet. I will report back in case I make any change.
  3. @jcn3 Thanks for the reply. That is interesting. I will try that. I have bass traps on my front wall currently. I guess I can move those to back (my back) wall. Did you at all try diffusers between the speakers?
  4. Hello, I am new here though I have been lurking in the forums for sometime. I am finally about to get Klipsch Cornwall IV. To give you some idea, I have wanted these since I was 18 in India. I can finally afford it, so you can imagine my excitement. It is going to go in my room which is 16 x 23 x 8 on the short wall. (Unfortunately I don't have option to place it on long wall so that is just out) I had one question. How are people handling these speakers with room treatment? If these speaker are to be placed in corner then what about corner bass traps? And if I place it on the wall just beside corner base trap, is it a good idea to place absorption / diffusion right behind it like we do with other speaker? I am sorry if this question has been handled before. I have searched but could not hand an answer. Thanks, Rohit
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