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  1. Hello all, EDIT: Also, I found that using two amplifiers and bi-amping the tweeters and woofers to separate amps allows for better control on the harshness of the tweeters! Also, if you have vacuum tube amplifiers, I heard that vacuum tubes are less harsh and are less anxiety-inducing than solid-state! I wanted to make a post to address an issue I have been "tolerating" for about a year now with my Klipsch RF-62IIIs which is the harshness coming from the Tractrix horns — harshness on high frequencies (around 2.5khz to 5khz) which I can feel hurting my ears which leaves my ears physically sore for a few hours after I stop listening to music. I found a YouTube video where someone adhered automotive sound dampening foam to the outside of the horn on the inside of the speaker cabinet, after following the video, I noticed an improvement in the harshness, but I still had the problem. I decided to put foam on the inside of the horn and noticed an improvement again. I have added three layers of foam to the inside of the horn and one layer on the outside. I also recommend adding foam to the throat of the horn to fill in the gap (without covering the driver) between the throat and the line that can be drawn from the base of the driver out toward the listener for further acoustic dampening. Klipsch is aware of this problem with the horn harshness as you can see the newer speaker models have a silicone dampening material inside the horn, but I recommend Klipsch sells a better engineered version of my solution in varying degrees of dampening or opt to design a speaker without a horn for once because I plan on selling my speakers and getting speakers without horns because I value my hearing and cannot continue to tolerate the ear pain. Here is my design using the automotive sound dampening foam if anyone wants to try my modification: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NXgl6Dhet2LYhwqq3Pf3OWMHwco11R5a/view?usp=sharing Hope I save someone else from hearing damage! Keaton
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