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  1. Thank you! I’ve dropped the price a bit to reflect that it’s been refinished but still listening to offers; I just want these out of the house.
  2. 9016CDB3-18F1-4131-8B4E-D632BBF8ADEF.webp B1A163A3-1127-4CE9-90D1-16819DE4B113.webp
  3. Selling my Klipsch Forte IIs because I have too many speakers and speaker projects so these are next up on the chopping block. I’m going to miss these a lot as they’re my second pair of Fortes but now I have more speakers than I do have rooms. I don’t know any details about the finish but they do look nice with some chips along the base. The horns also do have some cracks but does not affect function. I do have the original grills. I damped the internals with dynamat and denim insulation, but that can be removed if requested. I do feel like this helps them sound cleaner though, as I compared them with one stock and one modded and the stock one sounded noticeably muddier. Asking price is $725. I don’t have boxes so I’d prefer not to ship. I live in Boston. I don’t quite know the value of these now so if this is priced too high, I will listen to offers. 633500C9-6971-473B-BDF5-DA30E2B9F2C2.webp 4B962416-1AAB-4ABE-AFE9-6301293FC72F.webp 49603ED9-6154-451A-8608-0A495CE1DDE6.webp
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