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  1. I need a 1) horn, 2) Western Electric crossover, 3) Stephens P-15-LL woofer, 4) Stephens Tru-Sonic 108 mid driver... While I'm at it I might as well ask for a Unicorn too, might be easier to locate. LOL. This is for my #193 Khorn that originally belonged to Major Edwin H. Armstrong. The inventor of FM radio. Any help locating these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Would I need to find a crossover and then they could tailor it or do you mean they could make the whole enchilada. I would love more info and see if I can get a cost. So far I have found absolutely 0 drivers. Are there any build specs for the horn or anything else for that matter that I can access online?
  3. That is some cool info. if the ser. # stopped at 20 and picked up at 120 that would mean mine is actually the 95th Khorn produced. Even cooler. Thanks hanksjim1
  4. That would be amazing. Feeling a bit defeated and I haven't done anything yet. Lol. Jim gave me the correct drivers and he's looking into the correct crossover. These are the drivers. Stephens Tru-sonic 108 horn driver and Stephens P-15-LL woofer.
  5. I'm feeling pretty hesitant about this resto endeavor. To be honest my plan was to just upgrade the drivers and crossover, not knowing the significance. Khorns are a dream speaker especially for a blue collar guy like me. This will take a good deal of time to complete, I think mainly locating correct drivers etc., gathering all proper build info and the possible $$$ cost to do this. I'm thinking I may try to sell to someone that has the time, patience and wallet to do this Khorn justice. Jim has already given me alot of great assistance and I greatly appreciate all that you've done. I'm sure that took some time to gather for you.
  6. Hi Travis, thank you. Regardless of value I'm beside myself that this has historical significance. Many famous people may own one but prob. not many that had such an impact on the world. I'm torn because this is a dream speaker for me, well a pair was but I found this one and just couldn't resist. It's a frickin Klipschorn man, that alone makes me feel blessed. I'm a carpenter by trade and love the challenge and it would give me such great satisfaction to restore it. But now that I know the importance of it, that weight just got heavier. I'm definitely open to discussion with you or if anyone else at the museum. Please feel free to message me if you'd like. Even if to give me guidance on a resto would be amazing.
  7. Thank you for your pics. It gives me an idea of what's bee touched. I'm missing a support to the top, horn looks repaired and I don't have a tweeter. I'll post pics when I get home. This pic was from the person I bought it from. I've removed the grills and cleaned them. They actually look great. Is the Klipsch tag on the front grill correct?
  8. I'm still in shock! My jaw is stuck to the floor. Thank you for that info! What should I do? Do I leave it alone, restore to original or upgrade and hang onto orig. parts? Has this just increased the value do to it's heritage? Wow wow WOW!
  9. Morning John, I must be to new to have the ability to message members. I may be interested in the squawker. Could you message me what you're asking? Thanks
  10. Thank you, I'm very excited to have it. I have no idea what you're saying in your second paragraph. Yes the finish is 313F and K35D. Sadly top is scratched up. I'm not pulling any triggers yet on what to do, I'm also talking with Michael Crites about options as well. I would much rather keep it all original but he made a good suggestion to possibly upgrade and hang on to all components.
  11. Hi, this is my first post. I'm very much a novice I think, compared to many of you. Irecently bought a belived 50s Khorns at a great price. I want to restore it and need guidance on what you think I should do as far as parts etc. There is no crossover and the orig. owner thinks the woofer and mid driver are blown. I don't see a tweeter anywhere, unless it's in the mid driver?
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