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  1. I have the KLF 20s and powering them with a Yamaha M80 which has plenty of power for whatever I'm playing. But when I'm listening to jazz or funk I use the Willsenton R8 that sounds fabulous with the KLFs. Tubes and Klipsch go hand in hand with great sonics.
  2. The 80uf is not a Dayton cap. I checked the schematic it says 80uf. Not 97uf. Wondering if I should match it with a Dayton? I don't want to change anything unless it makes them better.
  3. Hey guys, I took off the woofer to see what was done on the crossover. He replaced the caps with Dayton Audio except the 80uf (MDL) one as you see in the pictures. Should I replace them with Sonicaps or change the 80uf only?
  4. If given the chance to obtain some KLF30s and some Heresys plus the Chorus to try them all out at the same time,that would be something else.
  5. Are you pushing me to upgrade already,lol. I'll do my best thanks.
  6. I finally got to listen to a few tracks on them. I think they are a wonderful speaker with the mods done. The bass is not to over bearing but punchy enough for me. Highs are smooth and almost silk feel. I will get some more hrs in tonight and enjoy them. Good call by everyone to get them.
  7. Exactly what I thinking the night before, "whait if they are good and I miss out".
  8. Just to let everyone know, I picked them up. Tough 11 hour commute both ways for these bad boys. They are in excellent condition. I will comment on them tomorrow when I hook them up for a session. Im burnt right now.
  9. Speakers are awesome not the colour so much.
  10. That was a picture just show what I had at the time. The Reference 6 Infinitys are sold. The small bookshelfs are in another room. I'm only using the 1030s as of now. I have a pair of Mirage upstairs too for HT.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I'm happy that most of the people agree that they're good speakers. It's up to me now to decide to go or not.
  12. The other issue is to find a good used pair. Not ready to dish out for new ones yet.
  13. The room is a 20x24 approx. Tv wall has wood paneling, floors are tiles but I have a carpet in front of the system. I sit about 8 feet away. I like the clarity of the highs on these speakers. They're not to bassy but I use a sub to help out.
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