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  1. Please note, I’m not running them at 98db volume. These are peaks
  2. I found a pretty reputable iPhone app for measuring decibels. I know it’s not perfect. do you know of any resources that would show me how to test that everything is performing as it should?
  3. Confirmed with Crites that these speakers should ~98db efficient. Replaced caps and tweeters from Crites. Paired them with a 20wpc Schiit Aegir and Freya +. with volume set to 3 o clock position, I’m getting peaks of about 98db using a decibel meter on my phone. Does this sound like the speakers are functioning properly? maybe I’m missing something but I keep reading on here about people who power their vintage Klipsch with very low power thanks to the sensitivity. is it expected that I would have to crank a 20w amp? (please take it easy on me, I’m still trying figure this all out)
  4. mine look very different. need to get a pic for y'all.
  5. that's exactly what they are but i have no riser. mine are not decorator series. i will leave them thank you!
  6. I can't get a picture right now but wanted to ask. My pair of 1983 Cornwall 1.5s have round metal feet on the bottom. There is no riser. Is this stock? I'm assuming the previous owner added them and I can remove.
  7. I can't imagine we did anything wrong. My friend that helped builds speakers and components and he followed the Crites schematic. Is there any reason why these speakers would need more volume from my rega? bad pairing between amp and speaker?
  8. Hi everyone. I'm going to keep my questions in this same thread as the topic still applies. Over the weekend I replaced the a bad tweeter and did the recap of my CW 1.5s. We hooked them up to my current integrated, a Rega Brio which is class a/b (I think) and 50 WPC. Now, I usually run that amp with a pair of Polk RTI-A3 (89db sens. / 8 ohm). With those bookshelves I hardly ever turn the knob past 9oclock. With the much more sensitive Cornwalls, I actually to turn the knob to 10 or higher to get enough volume. I will say that I think this amp is not a good match as it just didn't sound great. Very cold. Any thoughts on this? I was thinking I wouldn't have to turn up the volume as much with the CWs.
  9. I believe these are from 1973 but I don't recognize the finish code: "DR" Designers Rosewood? What is the "15"? TIA
  10. this 801 has more options than i need. i'm not interested in a dac, blue tooth or internal phono stage.
  11. anyone on this thread using a single aegir in a large size room with high efficiency speakers? i'm trying decide if single is enough for large room application.
  12. So yeah. Again I'm asking the wrong question. but for anyone who wants to test these same components here is what I learned from M. Crites. Measure DCR of an intact diaphragm for each driver: 6.8 ohms for the K-77 11-12 ohms for the K-52 and 4 ohms for the K-33.
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